Fashion For Pear Shaped Body: Expert Style Guide

Are you someone with a pear shaped body trying to upgrade your OOTD game? Check out this article for some expert fashion & styling advice!
Pear shaped body type
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Pear Shaped Body

A pear shaped body or a triangular/ spoon-shaped body is characterized by a broader lower body and narrow upper body. A person with a pear shaped body can be seen having heavy thighs and hips, slender waist, slim arms, and narrow shoulders. 

1. Topwear style guide for women with pear-shaped body

Topwear guidelines for women with pear-shaped body

People with this body shape already have a slimmer waist and top half as compared to their lower bodies. Hence, they need not worry about concealing anything. All you have to do is select tops that accentuate and draw attention to the waist. Some of the most recommended tips to choose tops and t-shirts for a pear-shaped body are as follows.

  • Tops that have statement shoulders such as puff sleeves, dolman sleeves, flutter sleeves, batwing sleeves, or cap sleeves also help to add volume to the upper body.
  • Necklines like sweetheart, square neck, and off shoulders create the appearance of a broader shoulder and upper body, which evens everything out. Open necklines also draw more attention to the chest and collarbones and divert it from the heavier lower body. A top with a cowl neck has drapes that help to add some definition and volume to the upper body, creating the illusion of a well-balanced figure.
  • Since the upper body of someone with a pear shaped body is quite narrow, one can make it look more even and in sync with the lower body by wearing large or eye-catching prints, patterns, clothes of thicker, textured, and well-structured material.
  • Your top, t-shirts, or shirt should finish above your hips so it does not draw extra attention to them. You can also give your tops, shirts, and tees a nice tuck to look curvier. Fitted crop tops are a great way to create a flattering and curvy silhouette. In the case of a heavier bust, it might also help to create the appearance of an hourglass figure. 

2. Bottom wear style guide for women with pear shaped bodies

People having a pear shaped body are blessed with curvy legs that can play out as an asset, provided that everything is styled in the right manner. Given below are some of the widely suggested tips to style your bottoms in a way that can help you flaunt those legs:

Jeans & trousers for pear shaped body type

Bottomwear guidelines for women with pear shaped bodies
  • Since you have thick legs, you want to make the best out of them. You want to highlight them, instead of making them look even heavier. For this purpose, it is suggested to wear items of darker shades so you can accentuate your curves and still look slim.
  • In order to play down the lower body, you can opt for loose jeans such as baggy jeans, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans. If you want your jeans to complement your lower body curves, you can go for a bootcut or flared jeans.
  • If you want to draw attention to your curves and hips, you should go for skinny and well-fitted jeans. Preferably high-waisted and in dark colors. Although, you should make sure that your jeans wrap around your legs hugging them, instead of squeezing them. 
  • When to comes to choosing the right trousers, it is suggested to opt for high-waisted trousers with a flat front, slight flare, and stretchable fabric.
  • Joggers are much in trend right now and they are not only comfortable but also roomy enough to not emphasize the pear lump. 

Shorts & skirts for pear shaped body type

  • When it comes to choosing the right pair of shorts, one should try to go for darker colors. High-waisted shorts that have flared legs are a great way to accentuate the waist and do not make the thighs look too thick. You can always go for a size up for a more comfortable fit.
  • The best kind of shorts is the one that ends around the narrowest part of one's thighs. In most cases, shorts that end around the mid-thighs are the perfect option. 
  • Embellishments on the waist such as a belt or scarf tied around it another way to shift focus on that toned waist. 
  • Skirts that are lightly gathered but do not look that full and bulky can help to hide the pear lump without adding too much volume to the area.
  • A-line skirts, tulip skirts, bias or paneled skirts; you have a plethora of options to choose from.

3. Guidelines to wear Dress for pear shaped body

Guidelines to wear Dress for pear shaped body
Image Source: Theconceptwardrobe
  • Strapless dresses and off-shoulder dresses should be your go-to besties! This is because they help in drawing a lot of eyes to the shoulder, chest, and collarbone area.
  • In order to streamline the bottom half of your body, it is suggested to choose dresses that have enough room in the hips and thighs instead of clinging to them. You can go for A-line dresses, tulip dresses, and empire dresses.
  • Wearing a fit and flare dresses are a fit and flare dress is a great way to emphasize that slim waist and conceal the heavy bottom. Wearing wrap dresses is another option that can help to draw attention towards the chest and waist, and away from the lower body. 
  • Maxi dresses are a huge YESS! A Maxi dress looks amazing on women with a pear shaped body. You can go for a wrap-around maxi or slit legs to add that OOMPH & sass to your look. 
  • Jumpsuits and playsuits are a great way to flaunt your style while simultaneously balancing out your silhouette. Off-shoulder jumpsuits and playsuits are considered the best option for pear shaped girls. However, V-neck is a great option too. In the case of jumpsuits, try to avoid skinny or tapered leg items. Your lower half of the jumpsuit should preferably be in a solid dark shade.

3. Winter wear style guide for pear shaped bodies

Winter wear guidelines for pear shaped bodies

If you want to flatter your fashion game in a way that complements your body, layers are definitely the right way to do so! With an infinite amount of options to layer and complete your look, given below are some guidelines that may help to enhance your style by having a pear shaped body.

  • Jackets that add volume to your bust area are a great way to draw attention upwards instead of downwards. Wearing cropped jeans is a smart way to accentuate the slim waist and add some volume to the top half of your body. 
  • If you want to create a tall appearance, go for a long jacket such as a trench jacket. This helps to elongate the legs, further elongating the height.
  • Wearing puffer jackets is an amazing way to add bulk to your upper body and creating a uniform body frame. Pastel puffer jackets are all over our Insta feeds lately so you can get one of those to create a cute and balanced look. 
  • Jackets, coats, and blazers with embellishments or double breasts are totally acceptable! They help in balancing everything out.  
  • Long blazers or blazer dresses, cropped denim jackets, cropped bomber jackets; there are a lot of options that you can choose from. 
  • When it comes to coats and overcoats, try to go for a well-fitted coat with structured shoulders. Some of the most flattering coats include A-line, empire, fit and flare, princess and trench.
  • If it's the month of fall and you want to dress up in cute cardigans, try to wear cardigans that either end on your waist or go beyond your hips, instead of sitting on the hip area.

4. Swimwear style guide for pear-shaped bodies

Swimwear guidelines for pear-shaped bodies

Anything that adds volume on the top, is your go-to option for swimwear! here are some tips to choose the right swimwear item for a pear shaped body.

  • Out of all the options available in the market, nothing beats an off-shoulder swimsuit or bikini! this style not only draws attention to the chest but also distributes it evenly with the shoulders and collarbones, diverting it always from the pear plump. 
  • Flounces, frilled, ruffled, and ruched bikinis are a great way to add dimension, volume, and attention to the upper body. 
  • One of the trendiest swimwear that can woo anyone and also draw the eyes upwards includes a one-shoulder bikini. An asymmetrical neckline is a great way to divert other asymmetries. 
  • High waist bikini bottoms in dark colors are the most suitable item and tying a wrap-around skirt or pairing it up with a kaftan can further downsize the lower body. 
  • For all the colorful souls out there who do not want to wear solid colors, wearing printed one-piece swimwear in cuts such as wrap-around or v-neck with heavy vibrant shades and patterns can draw a lot of attention upwards. 

What should women with pear shaped bodies not wear?

  • When it comes to uppers, be it tops, tees, shirts, jackets, or sweaters; try to avoid pieces that end right at your hip to avoid drawing extra attention to the broader areas. 
  • Even though it is highly encouraged to wear printed and patterned tops with bold colors, however when it comes to bottom wear? Not so much! One should avoid any heavy prints, bold colors, and embellishments on jeans, trousers, skirts, or shorts.
  • Try to avoid shorts that end right on the pear lump. Another thing to keep at bay includes super skinny shorts as they will make your legs look the opposite of what its name suggests.
  • Wearing bottoms of a light shade can make them look heavier than they actually are. hence, it is suggested to avoid light-colored jeans, trousers, and shorts. 
  • One should try to avoid low-rise jeans/pants and choose high-rise jeans/pants carefully. This is because low-rise jeans can make your hips look broader and even though high-rise jeans can draw attention to the waist, they can also get tight around the thighs. 
  • Hold off on carrying statement bags and other accessories that sit around your thighs and hips. This is because it can create an extra bulky appearance around the lower body, creating an unproportional overall look. 
  • Make it a point to steer clear of straight dresses, especially the ones with a drop waist. Pear shaped bodies are blessed with a slim waist and that should be flaunted instead of covered. 
  • If you want to downplay your hips, one can avoid wearing bodycon skirts and pencil skirts. 
  • It is suggested to avoid delicate-looking footwear items such as kitten heels, as such items make your legs look a lot heavier. 

Must-have accessories for women with pear shaped body

1. Shawls

Pear shaped body and shawls- a match made in heaven! One of the most versatile accessories out there, a shawl can be styled in so many different ways and emphasize the upper body. 

Shawls for pear shaped body
Image Source: Justthedesign

2. Knee-high boots

Boots are one of those wardrobe essentials that pear shaped bodies should not miss out on, in any case. Smart, chic, and sexy; they have swung back in and are here to stay! Knee boots of good quality are an investment piece for all the pear shaped ladies out there as they can flaunt your curves in a way no other footwear can. 

Knee-high boots for pear shaped body
Image Source: Polyvore

3. Statement Jewellery

If you want to stop drawing so much attention towards your broad pear plump, give people a reason to keep their eyes upwards. And what better way to do so than pumping your outfit with some jewelry? So grab your necklace and drop earrings to compliment your look, elongate your body and balance it out. But make it a point to not go overboard with your jewelry as three is a crowd!

Statement Jewellery for pear body type
Image Source: Dailymail

Celebrities with pear shaped body to take fashion inspiration from

  • Kristin Davis

Kristina Davis, celebrity with a pear shaped body
Image Source: Ocregister
  • Rihanna

Rihanna, celebrity with a pear shaped body
Image Course:
  • Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian, celebrity with a pear shaped body
Image Source: Graziame
  • Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, celebrity with a pear shaped body
Image Source: Popsugar
  • Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson, celebrity with a pear shaped body
Image Source: Stylecaster

Having a pear-shaped body gives one a lot of advantages. A flat stomach, defined waist, and a curvy lower body is a dream for many and these guidelines are here to ensure that you make the best use of your assets. However, these guidelines are only the starting point. You could always mix, match and experiment to reflect what feels fabulous to you!

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