Six Reasons Why Men Fake Orgasms

Learn why some men aren't sexually satisfied.

Ladies, do you believe your man is sexually satisfied? Have you faked a couple ‘ouu ahhs” during sex in the past, well, maybe he has too? Men are protectors, providers, and our strength. They are first taught to hide emotion but somehow must learn to love. This is where frustration and miscommunication interfere with romance. Some men are not able to express their true feelings or desires to their sex partner or spouse. Many do not know how to open up. In turn, they may just go with the flow or take the lead in sex altogether. 

Men who know what they want are not afraid to make their sexual requests. These are men who you will find shopping for lingerie for or with their mate or takes trips to the sex store. They have unlocked or have the potential to reach their highest sexual orgasm. They are not afraid of experimenting and learning how to fulfill their sexual desires. 

What Men Are Saying About No Sexual Satisfaction

After speaking with a few men, I discovered men do pretend to have been released during sex. There are some things women do that completely turn them off or decrease pleasure immensely.  When asked as a man “Have you ever faked an orgasm?”

  •  “Yea, when I didn’t wanna tell her the sex was trash, or if she is lazy at sex, lol."
  • “The sex was trash one time. One time I hated how she came; it sounds like she was about to poop on me. One girl just talks too much when we are having sex. One girl, I hit from the back and pulled out, spit on her back so she thinks it's a nut, and went home."
  • "With us, we can bust but if it's not tight enough, we don't get the full soul hitting experience or if we nut too much then we have to wait sometime for that energy to build back up for it to feel good again."

"Yes, I have faked an orgasm, we men do not call it an orgasm though, or faking an orgasm. We men call it ghost cumin. It means when we want to hurry up and make it back home to our main girl or wife LOL, we will act like we are cumin, “ghost cumin”. -Teddy Mack Da Author

man faking orgasm
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How Much Sex Does An Average Man Want

Some sex surveys reported that there are more men sexually satisfied than not. Other research suggests men are happier with their sex life than women. This comes to me as no surprise, but this is about the fellas.

Sex in the bedroom usually lasts about 19 minutes; it is said that 23 minutes is enough time to completely experience a full orgasm. Most individuals have sex about 2.5 times a week. Men would prefer to have sex at least five times a week while women say four times a week is enough. 

Six Reasons Men Fake Orgasms

If you want to truly satisfy your man in bed and take your relationship with your partner to the next level, it is very important for you to know the top reasons why men fake orgasms.

Here are the 6 reasons why men fake orgasms:

1. He is not truly sexually attracted to his partner

Sex for men begins in the physical aspect. He is naturally attracted to what he sees first, not what he feels or hears from a woman. Therefore, a man may catch an erection from just looking at a woman’s body frame or even the shape or size of her lips. It is not solely because he is being perverted. So, ladies if your partner suggests how he would like you to look then consider it. It could be to your greater good to get as scrumptious as he wishes.  

2. He does not want to make his woman or sex partner feel bad about her performance

Let us face it, we all cannot be vets in the bedroom. There are certain ways to handle a man’s penis and it is based on that man individually. If a woman is not positioned properly upon him it can and will cause him great pain. Even if it does feel amazing to her. The tip of a male’s penis is most sensitive, and the slightest grinding of your teeth can turn him off instantly. Learn his body and love language to prevent this from happening.

3. He does not know how to express his sexual desire

Although most men are dominant in the bedroom, they may fail to express their true sexual desires. Men may feel their partner will reject their sexual needs or they simply do not know how to ask for what they want. Some men are very timid and easy to please sexually, these men may never express their deepest sexual fantasy.

4. He is not in the mood or horny

Hard for you to believe your Sex God is not in the mood? Well, maybe he's not. Sometimes men require intimacy too. Men too, like to just cuddle, give playful kisses, or just relax. So, respect his wishes and give him a break. Let the sexual energy he has recharged, rebuild, and refresh. The sex will be more satisfying after this time has been granted.

5. He is sexually inexperienced and may feel uncomfortable

A sexual encounter with an inexperienced male may be one of the quickest sexual experiences you encounter. He is highly sensitive to your touch and very excited. Contrarily to this if a woman is too kinky or comes off too aggressive for her partner, he can become uncomfortable. He may ask you to stop or simply say now is not a good time, let us try this some other time.

6. Condoms may reduce the feeling of sexual pleasure

Safe sex is the best, as the motto goes. Yet, it does not always feel the greatest to men. When the condom is too tight, it can cause discomfort. Buying the correct size condom is especially important to ensure full sexual pleasure. Dryness is a red flag as well. After all, who wants the sensation of lite carpet burns in their intimate areas. Be sure the condom is well lubricated as well as her vaginal area for the best pleasure using a condom. 

Six Reasons Bad Sex Occurs And How To Fix It

After you understand why men fake an orgasm, the next step is to figure out what leads to bad sex. Figuring out the reason that leads to bad sex and fixing it is very important to improve your relationship with your partner and sexually satisfy him in bed. 

Here are the reasons that lead to bad sex and how you can improve your sex life with your partner:

1. No foreplay in the bedroom

Foreplay can build and lead to an amazing night of passion if you’re into it. All men and women won’t initiate or indulge in oral sex/foreplay. Some have yet to mature enough to understand the pleasure foreplay can bring and others just prefer not to for personal reasons, maybe they’re not good at it or had a bad experience.

2. He ejaculates too fast

Well, there isn't a whole lot a man can do to control the timing of his ejaculation. Some may prolong the process by pulling out and changing positions, but when it's time, it's time. As a woman, you must be considerate of his stamina. Males can try performance enhancers or a natural substance that will serve the same. The couple can also engage in longer acts of foreplay to increase overall sexual satisfaction.

3. No communication about sex

As the old saying “A closed mouth don’t get feed”, do you have the sex talk?  Find out what gets your partner in the mood. Sex-texting is fun and is another way to communicate your sexual needs. So, don’t be shy, say what your sexual wants and needs are. 

4. Barely or never experiences an orgasm

It’s true, many never experience the pleasure of a full orgasm. Take the time to learn your partner’s body. Quickies are cool when you’re pressed for time, but don’t make it your sex life. Learn your body pleasure zones and instruct your partner how to touch you. It’s up to the two of you to make the sex great. 

5. Practice one or very few sex positions

Switch it up. Don’t bore each other with the same three or four positions. Missionary feels good but there are so many positions to explore. Try spooning or even a position where you both are standing. 

6. Partner does not want to experience or try new things

Spice up your sex life. Light some candles and take a bath together. Try different lubricants, like one that increases sensitivity to the genitals. Have sex in a tighter space and get spontaneous.

Men, just like women have sexual needs to be fulfilled. You don't have to submit to bad sex life. Sex is meant to be pleasurable, exciting, and passionate. Express your sexual request and say what you don't like. It's okay to try new things to make sex more enjoyable. Have fun and explore what your body needs.

I'm Ena-Alese a Poetry & Romance Erotica writer. I enjoy writing to entertain, inspire and inform.

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