5 Failures Why The Tories Need To Be Voted Out

The Conservative Party have governed the UK for eleven years now. Their rule and their beliefs have belied the working class for long enough. Here are 5 reasons why they should be booted out of power.

Breaking away from the European Union, panic buying, an unprecedented deadly virus pandemic, BLM protests in the streets, and petrol panic buying. The Tories have had a lot to deal with recently in their tenure in office, but who exactly asked for their particularly inept strain of governance?

David Cameron Brexit
Former Prime Minister David Cameron  Source: Financial Times

5 Failures Why The Tories Need To Be Voted Out.

1. Poor management and execution of Brexit

Cut back to 2016, when Prime Minister David Cameron put leaving the European Union up for vote with his referendum. As we all know, the majority voted to leave, (roughly 51%) which made him panic and resign his office, as he didn’t want the fallout of dealing with what he’d offered. 

Enter Theresa May, a Prime Minister that none of us voted for or wanted, who put forward half-hearted Brexit deal proposals, all of which were turned down and nay-sayed by her so-called followers. To give Theresa her due, she did try to make Brexit happen but needed the support and backing of her office, who presumably wanted to drag their heels with the whole affair because of potential monetary losses.  

This led to four long years of back and forth bickering with the EU, who in our dithering ignorance and hesitancy, strengthened their own position and demanded that if the UK wanted to leave then we would have to pay extortionate amounts of money to them. 

Theresa May Brexit
Former Prime Minister Theresa May  Source: Business Insider

Even though there was no legislature at the time for a country leaving the EU, they managed to dig their heels in and set their terms. The UK in turn should have had a strong opening gambit in place right from the start of the eventuality of the public voting to leave.

Boris Johnson
The Front Man  Source: Marie Claire

After a vote in 2019, Boris Johnson became the UK Prime Minister, and resolved to ‘get Brexit done’ to ‘take back control’. He promised tougher immigration laws, more money to the NHS and British jobs. Granted, these promises were made just before Covid-19, where the world understandably changed forever. Previous priorities were put on hold, in the race to save lives and push for a vaccine. 

Many things were bungled in 2020, and to be fair no one could have foreseen the impact of Covid-19. Billions of pounds have had to be given to businesses and people to keep them at home and keep them afloat with the furlough scheme. While it’s easy to speculate at naive decisions in hindsight, I genuinely believe the government tried its best day by day to keep the public alive and healthy.  

Boris Johnson and Joe Biden at G7
President Joe Biden and Boris Johnson at G7 Summit 2021  Source: DW

2. Inconsistent pledges about climate change

Covid-19 gave us a glimpse of the possibilities that we could have seized regarding climate change and homelessness. The absence of our carbon footprint, while we had to stay at home, showed more wildlife roaming the world, the ozone layer was repairing, the canals in Venice were crystal clear.

We were shown how a monumental but swift change in our routine can help the planet. For example, the homeless were housed in hotels to stop the spread of Covid, and just like that, the issue of homelessness didn’t exist for a while in the UK.

Cut to the present and the homeless are back on the streets now that the vaccine has been rolled out so that hotels can generate revenue. Even though Boris Johnson has hosted a G7 Summit this year with new President Joe Biden, discussing tackling climate change, it seems that all he really wants is to go back to the old normal. 

Talk of pledging money, and being net carbon neutral by 2030 is an impossibly optimistic goal that can’t be met, as nothing is actively happening to reverse the damage. Talks and empty promises aren't going to solve the imminent crisis, as something needs to radically change in the now, like with the homeless issue.

It can be done if we put our mind to it soon enough. The recent petrol panic buying crisis shows that we are obviously using more fossil fuel than ever, due to a misleading news article about BP petrol shortages.

NHS Bus Lie
So when is this promise going to start? a 3% pay rise is no £350 million  Source: Sky News

3. Mishandled promises for funding the NHS

The colossal strain that the NHS has been put through due to Covid-19, saw a call for their employees to have a pay rise, and the Tory government responded with a miserly 1%. The public outcry saw it rise to 3%.

The lack of appreciation now that Covid is a lesser threat than this time last year is prevalent, and the mood that saw the government wanting us to stand outside and clap them on our doorsteps, has gone back to being dismissive. 

Last year the NHS were heroes, now they are never mentioned on the news, as the Tories want the UK public not to be afraid of Covid, and go back to work.  This is because the hastily accepted tax-hike law is needed to recuperate furlough payouts.

We're literally paying back for the protection that we expect and already pay our government for. Marvellous how reluctant they were last year when we needed to stay at home, yet how swift, exacting and unanimous they were to pass a law that benefited their own personal wealth. I don’t remember voting for a tax rise, and I’m sure you don’t either.

Empty high street shops
Empty high streets shops are a dismal sight all over the UK  Source: The Week

4. An inevitable recession on the horizon

Brexit was supposed to be the return of United Kingdom independence. Due to hesitant, half-hearted proposals, and the EU trying to squeeze every last penny out of their favourite cash cow as punishment, it is now proving ruinous to our economy. 

Many warehouses and factories that employed the work-at-home scheme have remained closed and abandoned since Covid, as some companies have realised that they don't even need premises to function, so don't have to pay the overheads.

Many High Street retail stores are closing their stores due to decreased foot traffic, and likely shan't return. There are fewer and fewer retail jobs to generate UK sustainability. 

HGV drivers are in high demand so our imports are being delayed, declining us further still. Every promise from Johnson's original manifesto is proving to be a lie made for majority voting.

While it's worth noting that the Tories can't be blamed for the rise of online shopping which is killing retail, their promise of more jobs makes you wonder under just what sector they mean. 

Boris Johnsons' flat renovations
Boris Johnsons' flat refurbishment cost the taxpayer extra  Source: The Sun

5. Numerous Tory scandals

There have been numerous reports of Tory misuse of spending the taxpayers' money, the PM himself forking out for apartment renovations at number 10. Dominic Cummings broke curfew laws that were put in place by his party and gave a woefully unsatisfactory account of his whereabouts.

He now serves as a Tory whistleblower to take the negative heat away from him since his disgrace from office, presumably as sour grapes. Matt Hancock had an affair scandal that was glossed over.

All these blunders and never an apology to the public, or any consequences of their actions. It makes me wonder if we’ll ever have an alternative government, so long as the country’s circumstances serve to make the rich richer via the taxpayer. Would a government so corrupt allow itself to be voted out democratically?


The UK's future has never looked bleaker or more uncertain. The mishandling of Brexit, lack of action towards climate change, and panic buying crises all speak of a bumbling, weak and ineffective government.

They have no foresight of the consequences of their actions, or considerations for the taxpayer.

The UK needs a shake-up, from a government that cares about its’ citizens. That has common sense and looks after our immediate interests and not its own.

Jason is a freelance content writer living in Nottinghamshire whose preferred topics are movie/game reviews and climate change.

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