The 5 Best Winter Gloves For UK Golfers In 2021

With winter well and truly here, reaching lows of below zero this week, I am bringing you a comprehensive list of the best hand-warming technology golfers can use to keep themselves out on the course all season!
Silhouette of a golfer in winter

Golf is a unique, and therefore uniquely challenging sport. A golfer must battle the weather, the course, their own mindset, and their golf buddies all trying to put them off!

It is because golf is so dependent on the golfer maintaining this concentration that winter can really intrude on your game. From muscle stiffness to lack of concentration there are many ways the cold comes into play when golfing.

This article will help you cover a vital area, your hands. Golfers know grip is vital to the game, and losing that edge because of the cold can make you feel powerless. Winter gloves are therefore a vital part of a golfer's gear.

With the correct equipment, you can increase thermoregulation and feel able to golf even in the harshest winter.

1. FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

Our first entry in the list is going to introduce a few key concepts that make the gloves really work for winter golf. The winter gloves include leather material made to be tight and compressive around the hand, adding grip precision and friction with your club.

The FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves are winter-oriented and offer the minimum benefits you will see in this list. From the leather and tightness of the fit to the additional Fleece layer for your wrist, these gloves aim to provide insulation while still being tight and flexible.

Wintersof Golf Gloves product image
A simple, sturdy, safe bet

Coming in at £17.99, these winter gloves for golf are a perfect way to ensure you have the minimum coverage out on the course this winter.

2. Slazenger V300 All Weather Golf Gloves

Every top 5 list needs a cheap, accessible item. These winter gloves for golf stocked by Sports Direct are exactly that. While they do not take advantage of as much science or technicality as the other competitors the fact you could pop down to the store tomorrow and pick some up maybe a selling point to some.

The golf gloves offer quite a light design, with holes and permeations for breathability. While useful for the golfing aspect, these gloves only tangentially provide any real weather protection against winter.

Slazenger V300 All Weather Golf Gloves from Sports Direct
Quick, easy, cheap

The Slazenger V300 Gloves are only £4.99 for pickup, £6.99 for delivery making them perfect as a last-minute token gift for a golfer in your life, or a quick purchase on the way to the course when you underestimate the cold.

It may be worth using these gloves above a thin base-layer glove...

3. Merino Wool Glove Liner/Base Layer

With winter golf gloves needing to achieve two goals at once: Precise engineering for golf and insulated design for temperature, it can be hard to find decent ones for winter. However, one method that serves to extend the life of your current golf gloves well into winter is to sport a base layer underneath.

Of all the materials available, I'd suggest Merino Wool for winter specifically. The layers can be found in places like Mountain Warehouse and combined with many other layers or gloves.

Try to get down to a store in-person to see the thickness and fit yourself, but if you want to order online so long as you are checking it's simply a layer or liner you should have no issues.

Merino Wool Winter Glove Liners
Light, compatible, insulating

The Mountain Warehouse Merino Liner is priced at £12.99 as part of their winter glove sale.

4. Under Armour CGI Golf Gloves

The first of the two heavy-hitters on this list. These winter gloves for golf boast the use of specifically engineered insulating technology to trap heat. Not only that but being from Under Armour means they don't skimp on the golf grip design either.

Compression gloves like these are designed to help keep muscles and bones healthy throughout weather changes and use in sports, so are perfect for winter.

While decidedly more advanced than previous entries, these winter gloves are from a widespread company. This means that accessibility is high, with multiple outlets providing Under Armour options.

Under Armour CGI Winter Gloves
Popular, tight, aesthetic

The Under Armour CGI Golf Gloves are a nicer, more dependable glove for a slightly higher asking price of around £25.99 depending on the outlet.

5. KYMRIA Golf Infrared Gloves

Infrared is not a word you'd expect to see used to describe gloves or any clothing. However, KYMIRA, a brand that is actually a maker of medical-grade fibres, is using Infrared technology in golf gear.

The infrared technology captures energy your body would usually waste, and returns it as heat when the temperature is cold. When it is hot, the technology instead focuses on blood flow and oxygenation.

The benefits include better muscle recovery, temperature regulation, and nitric oxide regulation too. The full science can be found on their website, but having seen them in action I have no qualms adding them as the paramount item on this list.

KYMIRA Golf Infrared Winter Gloves
Scientific, Infrared, Medical-Grade

With a price of £35.00, these gloves are all you will ever need, both during winter and all year round. If you want to surprise a golfer you know this Christmas these gloves are the only ones that really bring the "wow" factor.

Don't underestimate winter golf gloves

Whatever you are doing this season, be it sticking to training or going out on a mountain tour, keep yourself safe and on par with some winter golf gloves. They are a necessity, and in the case of KYMIRA medical and Under Armour they even increase thermoregulation inherently.

Have a fantastic winter all, and wish your golfer friends a merry Christmas from me.

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