10 Simple Steps To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

What is a dream? A dream is a burning obsession to become someone, achieve something and of all live a life worth remembering. Your dream has power if you pursue to make it a reality. Life is about growth and the people who make it a reality are who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

JF Kennedy was a great man. Despite all the achievements he made in history, the most profound one was on September 12, 1962, when he said these words,

We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon.

Never before had any nation tried such a big feat. An exploration of the moon required a massive investment in both workforce and capital. To many Americans and even the rest of the world, the great man's words seemed a mediocre statement.

JF Kennedy had the dream to travel to the moon, and he was determined to make it a reality.

It took time, resources, and optimism to turn the dream of going to the moon a reality. In turn, JF Kennedy's words made America join the league of superpower nations in the world. It took the power of a visionary man to make America great, which holds till to date.

A dream is a burning obsession to achieve or become. Many people dream of going to school, get good grades and live successfully working for a big company. Although that's obvious for most people, a dream exceeds an ordinary level of achievement. 

A dream demands more than what appears possible to the human mind - you have it but no absolute idea of how it will come to reality. In most cases, your dreams to another person may seem out of context and impossible to achieve. Some people even ridicule you to the extent of calling you insane.

To master the ability to turn a dream into a reality, you must be imaginative. Visualize what you want in life in many possibilities. Life is about growth, and as you go through daily chores, see yourself already having achieved the dream. As a great man once said,

 The people who make it in life are the ones who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Here are ten simple steps to make your dream a reality.

1. Make every step count.

make every step towards your dream count
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Dreaming is good, but dreaming alone will not take you anywhere.

Reread the above statement.

If you walked down the street and asked every person on the way what dream they had in life, you would get home tired. Everyone has a vision they desire to make a reality, but few understand the process of actualization. 

As a young scholar, I remember the time when my teacher asked what I wanted to become. With my little thinking, I shouted a doctor! Well', she said. Work for it'. I never became a doctor. I realized my interest was not in the medical field and changed my wind masts and set the sail to a different destination with time. 

With all the information needed to make my dream come true, I enrolled in institutes specializing in computing and pulled it through. I live my dream, although not the one I had in mind at an early age. As a lesson to note, taking a step in the direction of your dream opens the way to many possibilities – the best one being a reality.

The philosophy of life states reality through the law of karma and dharma – when you know what you want, you can surely get it. 

A plan lays the foundation for realizing a dream. Architects work interestingly, and through their skill, you can understand the illustration of the steps in realizing a dream. You describe the kind of house you desire and leave the rest of the work to them. It's upon them to put the design down on paper. 

Drawing the house design takes time as the architect tries to implement every detail you offer. Once done, the construction takes place, and with no time, your dream house becomes a reality.

Finally, you understand reality in life depends on taking the step and making the step count. Although it takes time, progressive steps assure the realization of dreams in the mind.

2. Make your mind work for you.

make your mind work for you quote

Consider your mind as a fertile piece of land, and you walk in it soaring seeds from time to time. After a given period, the seeds germinate and grow to maturity bearing fruits. You sow the seeds and reap the fruits, regardless of taste. If you desire apples from a garden, you must sow apple seeds and not lemons.

The mind has power beyond what many people use it. It's incredible what the mind can achieve if adequately put into use. You can raise to new levels of awareness, abundance, and sensation by just tuning into the mass between your ears.

Think of your dream often before retiring to bed after a day of work and early in the morning when you wake up. Keep your mind occupied with the goal until it becomes an obsession. With time, the subconscious mind believes in the vision and handles you a plan to actualize the drive out of the blue.

Just like a computer, take complete care of the mind. Watch out for what you feed into it because it will return what you put in. Think of positive ways to achieve your dream, and indeed, the mind offers great plans in turn.

3. Emulate great men to shape your life. 

As part of history, great adoring men with emotion and thought gives the courage to emulate their personality with great success. For instance, at a young age, Mike Tyson idolized Muhammad Ali as his best hero.

Constantine D'Amato realized the potential in Mike for his becoming a legendary fighter before fame. Mike believed in his mentor and trained to become a heavyweight champion of all times.

Mohamed Ali spiked the potential in Mike when Constantine D'Amato asked him to talk with him at a young age. The talk encouraged Mike on the ladder of success as he became unbeatable.

Emulating the great gives tremendous power as it's an affirmation that whatever dream you have in mind, it's possible because other dreamers achieved it.

In a statement, Mike Tyson quotes to avenge Muhamad Ali for losing to Larry Holmes when he grew up. Mike rose to fame, becoming the youngest heavyweight champion on November 22, 1986, winning against Holmes.

4. Take action to differentiate a dream from a wish.

At the end basis of every recipe of achievement, the action happened to be the main ingredient. Can you believe in being the creator of your fate? Well, the truth unveils when the rewards you receive, either physical or spiritual, match the service you offer. 

Take action to differentiate a dream from a wish
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It is ideal for working on your dreams rather than live wishing through life. Goals are solid while wishes escape into the wind after a short time.

Decision to take action is the first step to transmuting desires into reality. 

You may argue the situations present don't favor investment of your effort, and that's okay. However, the time will never be right until you learn to take action. For any achievement, action triggers the flow of circumstances to facilitate the possibility of getting a result. Unless you act, a dream remains a dream, withers, and dies with time.

5. Face the fear of failure and learn the lesson. 

It's sad how many people live mediocre lives because of fear. Fear failure and the embarrassment associated with it. However successfully you may defend fear, the fact remains that you lose more of the seeker's adventure.

The game of life incorporates trial and error as no one was born knowing it all. 

Elon Musk makes a massive shift in space travel. In collaboration with his private company, SpaceX, he invested over 74 Billion dollars in a project to manufacture Starship, a reusable mode of transport to mars. 

According to SpaceX's dream to the red planet, Elon Musk's investment overrides the realities of failure. Since time memorial, such space travel equipment has never been in existence. The prospect starship will have a capacity of 100 people.

SpaceX's dream to the red planet

It takes great courage to turn your dreams into reality. You must be willing to accept failure and assume full responsibility for your actions. The motivation behind actions determines the level of achievement.  If you live fearful of taking opportunities and learning, it becomes hard to make any important achievements.

Pioneers in history rarely made it the first time but failed a couple of times before the invention of a successful strategy. 

In the process of actualizing dreams, you discover a thousand ways to solve a problem but incorrectly! 

'As a man, Thinketh,' by James Allen, explains how a man shapes life through his mode of thinking. What you think today and tomorrow shapes whom you become in the future. Be careful of fear because you give it more power to become real.

If you think you cannot make it, you will never, and nobody can change your mindset except you. Tune into your mind and force it to think positively by confronting issues and not keeping away fearfully.

As Barack Obama said,

people who make it in life are the people who believe they can.

6. Identify your goldmine

Identify your goldmine
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Identity drives a man to great positions in a shorter time. Do the work to know your strongholds and invest in them. If you are an artist, express ideas in such a way that makes people fall in love. Channel energy into a given direction instead of doing it all and end up indifferent.

Specialization wins the strategy in any walk of life. Think of specialization as aiming and hitting at one point with all force. The likelihood of making an impact becomes 99.9%. Discipline has the great power of making dreams become a reality in a much shorter time.

Discipline yourself to take a step and move on to the next plan when through with the first one. 

Learn to quit when you are done and pleased with the results at hand. Still then, do not!

7. Concentrate on the person you dream of becoming.

Concentrate on the person you dream of becoming
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It may sound ridiculous, but it works. For instance, a person says, 'I want to buy a home, but I don't have money.' In reality, what the person describes is a lack of idea on how to get the money. Failure to buy a house happens because of a lack of ideas, not money. 

Spend some time meditating upon the person you intend to become after achieving the dream. In the process, you realize potential rights were around you and act upon them.

Live the way you would if you had already accomplished your goal. The idea behind this action is that it works unconsciously through the law of attraction.

A feeling nurtured develops into a thought, which leads to action and, in turn, shapes the future. Success does not fall into place at once but occurs in activities systematically planned and carried out. Through imagination, the brain creates ways of making a dream into a reality.

Set goals both short and long term as they make the key to achieving dreams and your ambitions in life. Daily actions conditions the mind for productivity and achievements beyond the imagination of the rational mind.

8. Believe in the possibility of your dream.

believe in your dreams
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Thoughts conceivable by the human mind in a subtle state are achievable. Have you ever experienced a situation where a person leaves your dream?

It happens! Unless you lie.

It is ultimately possible you have ever come across at least a person driving your dream car. The desire for a particular model becomes so intense that it rules your vehicle taste for automotive lovers. From time to time, you sight the vehicle of your dreams in exhibitions and, on some occasions, identify it on the road at this time as being a reality in another person's life.

Take the manifestation as a positive indication that your dream is legit. When walking on the street sometimes, a supercar vrooms past and wow! I'm left dumbfounded by the immediate realization of my dream. My response always takes the expression, 'huh, so it's possible?'

Does that sound like you? Truly possible.

9. Develop a strategy to pounce onto the action.

Develop a strategy to pounce onto the action
image source: emmysmummy

Acknowledge the potential of failure is always around success. As you struggle to unveil your dream to the world, setbacks occur. Amid the despair, it becomes hard to choose to go forward. However, it's always the best decision.

J. K Rowling overcame many odds that would have pinned any woman to the ground. She decided to rise and have another sight of her dream. From domestic violence in marriage to single parenthood, Rowling grew to become one of the richest women in the world.

We all experience a feeling of frustration when our efforts inadequately translate to our expected results. It is very natural, and we should not feel bad about it for having feelings as a human. 

It would help if you sifted through your actions and when in emotional stability. Then, you can identify the weakness in plans and modify them to suit progress. You can never be in the position of changing a situation without knowing what is not working. The ability to bounce back after failure determines what you become.

To harvest different fruits from what you get, plant the seeds you desire.

Pounce back when you fail and live with a slogan from Winston Churchill,

Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts

Finally, dream big.

Video by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

As Myles Munroe said,

 The poorest man in the world is a man without a dream.

If you become poor and have no dream, enthusiasm for life decreases. When nothing gets you out of bed, gives direction, or even causes you to take action, you aren't living enough.

If you hang around chickens, you become a chicken. 

Watch out for the people you hung around with because they describe who you will become. Characters are contagious, and if you lose a sense of yourself, you might adopt a philosophy of living a mediocre life.

Poor people tend to think that they are vulnerable and are affected by their surroundings. However, no one has a poor mentality until they choose to be lazy. Chickens represent people with low ambitions or none at all in life.

Set high goals in life and lay down procedures to get them done. Do not let the fear of others hinder you from achieving what you think is capable within you. 

As the legend, Bruce Lee once said,

Do not fear failure. Not failure but low aim is the crime. In great attempts, it's glorious even to fail. 

In the end, we either live our dreams or live dreaming our life.

A lightworker's inspiration for you to live, love and experience more - with tips from research and personal evolution/Introspection. Peace.

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