How Can I Clear My Mind Of Negative Thinking, Anxieties And Worries?

Words are vibration that can either help you or bring you down. Choosing words to uplift yourself will help bring you more into a positive state of mind.

What we worry about stems from how we feel and since we cannot control our surroundings, our mind creates anxieties and hypotheticals. Negative thinking is creating an uncomfortable feeling that you can’t shake off right then and there. By focusing on what was or what will happen, you are projecting those thoughts into your reality without even knowing. 

By stopping your thoughts and removing them from their roots, you are taking back control to direct your life the way you want to. This is going to take being aware and staying in the present moment. By figuring out what is bothering you will begin to release the past and future and bring you in the present moment. By being focused on the present moment, your mind will signal the body to relax and bring you to a state of clarity. 

Where does negative thinking begin? 

It begins with something new that occurred in your life. Something took you out of your comfort zone and was made especially for you to overcome. Rather it is a new job, moving to a new area, uncompleted tasks, and goals, or a new creative project, it's a new challenge you haven't faced yet. And because you haven't faced it, the fear of not knowing what to do or to expect gets louder. The feeling of anxiety, worries, and doubt comes from the anticipation of how things will play out. 

Accepting the obstacle or challenge will help you move in the present moment so you can start to figure how to go about what you are facing. Life makes us uncomfortable so we can readjust and transform ourselves. Your spirit, your mind, and your body is always communicating with you. Pay close attention to yourself and how you are feeling so that you may address it. 

Have faith in yourself first 

The best part about being you is the unlimited belief that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. But if your mind is tearing you down, then you have become your number one enemy. If you can't get your mind to work for you, then you are fighting yourself. Words are vibrations that can either help you or help bring you down. Be mindful of what you choose to say to yourself.

Having faith and taking the steps to overcome your obstacle will pull you out of your feelings and change your mindset. Putting in the work will take effort and dedication to gain full control of your thoughts. By taking baby steps each of the ways, will start a new healthy pattern. It starts with believing you can do this which turns into knowing that you can after having gone through the experience. 

Start by moving your body around 

Moving your body around even if it's a few jumping jacks will help refocus your mind. Even a run around the neighborhood will help. Move your body around so you can place your energy in the present moment. The change in scenery will help distract your current thoughts long enough for you to ask what is going on. And every question that is asked, will always be answered. 

By changing the regular routine, your mind will have no choice but to allow you to focus on something else. By doing this, you are no longer allowing the negative thoughts and the anxiety pathway in your mind to exist. Any physical activity will do, rather it’s running, walking, or doing some cartwheels. This will help because the energy in motion is your emotions that move your body around. And when your energy is no longer stagnant in one area in your body, you’ll start to gain more clarity and momentum to do something else. 

If your thoughts are constantly repeated and rooted in your mind, explore these few methods to gain clarity. 

Journaling is not just writing down your feelings 

We are all aware of how we feel. However, writing it down confirms that our feelings are real. And by bringing your feelings into awareness, you are ready to face them. Just like in a AA meeting, we have to be strong enough to admit we are feeling anxious due to what we are thinking. Writing down what you are thinking is the next step to overcoming your anxiety. This allows you to dive deeper into your thoughts which helps you figure out the root of your problem. 

Another expression of journaling is writing yourself in the future. For example, write down how you would like to see the situation play out or how you would like to feel. This is called, setting clear intentions. By setting the intentions for success, you are creating that to be true. However, gain clarity of your thoughts and your feelings first before moving forward with a positive outcome. After expressing your feelings and finding out what is causing them, you will be ready to write your outcome. 

What you think, you attract. Be mindful of your thoughts. 

Using affirmations will help move you out of your negative thinking patterns 

By implanting positive phrases and words, will trick your mind into coming out of your previous way of thinking. Using phrases such as, “I will find a way”, “I have everything I need” and “I am going to get this done” will help change the energy within you and set it to motion. Negative affirmations starting with “I don’t” or “I can’t” will trap you in a cycle of stagnation, anxiety, and fear. When you find yourself starting with those words, stop immediately and say some encouraging words.

Positive affirmations are a great way of convincing your mind that you can clear your mind of past thoughts and doubts. This will help you gain control over your thoughts by choosing to feel optimistic and help develop an action plan that will help you move forward to the next step in your life. If you need more words to motivate yourself, using positive affirmation flashcards will be a great start to each morning. Before starting your day, simply shuffle the cards for your morning uplift.

Check out this video to learn how positive affirmation flashcards can help break your negative thinking pattern.

If you find yourself thinking of the same thing, explore them

Let the thoughts come to you instead of pushing them away. The very thing that you are fearing, maybe the very best thing you need to do. Explore your feelings without judgment. What you are worried about may not be as bad as you put it. By reviewing it without emotions creates a better way of perceiving it from a logical point of view. Seeing it in a bird's eye view can also help separate your emotions as you go over your thoughts. 

Speaking your thoughts out loud will help you gain clarity by hearing yourself. When you hear out loud what you are thinking, you can easily stop your train of thought and rewrite it. Our mind is considered to be the most powerful thing in the human body therefore you can create any scenario if you truly want it. Visualizing the most successful outcome will help bring it into reality. Having a creative imagination will help you move out of the anxious and worried feeling. 

Most of what causes anxiety is procrastination. The fact that you haven't completed something may cause you to look for distractions and leaving what you have to do incomplete. Rather the fear is being too great, or feeling unmotivated, to come out of it requires a form of action. It comes down to making up your mind and following through with your task. Finding ways to motivate yourself is exciting and discovering what makes you move is a never-ending process of getting to know yourself.

break negative thinking patterns by staying positive and being hopeful
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