The Benefits Of Natural Lighting You May Have Overlooked

Natural Lighting Provides Amazing Health Benefits for Our Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

The emotional and physical health benefits of natural lighting are astonishing. Unlike synthetic light, such as home light bulbs and electronics, which are harmful to our health, studies show that natural lighting from the sun source, either through outdoor or indoor exposure has tremendous benefits.

Here are some health benefits of natural light:

1. Natural lighting provides Vitamin D to your body

Vitamin D protects our bodies from various illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. We get our daily dose of Vitamin D from the food we eat, like leafy greens. We may also enjoy these benefits by taking in natural lighting from the sun. By taking a stroll through the neighborhood park, enjoying a day at the beach, or enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while on the porch or balcony, we can reap the benefits Vitamin D has to offer. We can also enjoy these benefits indoors. While engaging in morning yoga, remember to pull back the drapes or open the blinds. Allow the natural light from the sun to beam through the window, filling your home with a healthy energy source, bringing a sense of openness and spaciousness throughout. 

Sun Light

2. Natural light from the Sun helps with emotional healing

It may come as a surprise, but Vitamin D is one of many health benefits from natural light. Natural light also influences our emotional and mental wellbeing. Studies show patients suffering from depression report feeling happier when they spend more time in nature. Sunshine is often associated with happiness. When we incorporate more natural light in our lives we tend to feel more cheerful and pleasant throughout the day. The natural light from the sun boosts our energy, providing us with vital health and vibration, thus producing a more joyous life experience. 


3. Using the Sun for Restful Sleep

Having a wonderful day full of joy and peace is important but let us not neglect the importance of sleep. Studies show people who spend more time in natural lighting during the day report restful sleep at night. The sun is great for producing serotonin in our bodies that induce happiness. At night our bodies make melatonin, when in sync and balanced we enjoy energetic days and restful nights.

Why natural lighting is better than synthetic lighting?

Light found in our homes from television, computers, and cell phones, when used excessively, is not the best for our health. They can disrupt sleep patterns, cause too much radiation, and throw us off our natural Ying and Yang. After the sunsets, if you must use synthetic light, do so in moderation. You can also opt for healthier alternatives such as candles, a fireplace, or salt lamps. These are all great options and bring a relaxing feel to the home providing beautiful lighting without harmful effects. 

Spending more time in nature is what our bodies call for. Get out into nature, while you are enjoying the beauty the world has to offer, the sun is healing you. 

Ola Marie is a Communications and Creative Writing Major. She writes Magazine Articles and Advertising Copy with an interest in wellness.

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