20 Stylish Cat-themed Home Decor Accessories

Home décor for cat lovers doesn't have to be tacky.

I love decor that expresses my interests, and one of those interests happens to be cats. When decorating my spaces, I try to make sure that my personality shines through but also the things I choose to decorate my home with make sense as a whole. Unfortunately, some home accessories made for cat people end up looking out of place in an otherwise sleek home. So much of it often looks childish or kitschy, and while that's not inherently bad, it can make your interior feel less cohesive. 

Here is a compiled list of 20 cat-themed home decor items that are actually chic and cute: 

1. Wire Storage Basket

Cute cat basket home decor
via Amazon

Amazon, $14.95+

This basket comes in three sizes to suit your needs. Whether you use it in your bathroom for toiletries, on your vanity for cosmetics, or in your closet for winter accessories, the subtle design will compliment your existing decor without clashing. 

2. Geometric Wall Hanging

via Etsy

InfinityCreationsIA on Etsy, $35

This wooden wall hanging is the perfect way to bring some personality to a bland wall. The geometric design and beautiful wood make it a great compliment to your existing decor while being unique enough that it stands out as a great accent piece. 

3. Ring Holder

Cat home decor, bedroom and bathroom
via Amazon

Amazon, $13.99+

Your little friend will keep your rings and other jewelry safe on this trinket tray. Keep this glazed ceramic dish on your vanity for storage, or in your bathroom so you don't misplace your jewelry when you remove it to shower. 

4. Crocheted Coasters

Cat themed home accessories
via Etsy

ConcettasCrafts on Etsy, $19

This set of four coasters is handmade from cotton yarn and look adorable lying around the house. They are machine washable so you don't have to worry about mishaps. They also come in a variety of colors as seen in the picture, so you can pick which colors you like the best. 

5. Desk Organizer

Cat themed desk organizer
via Amazon

Amazon, $6.90

Though you have to assemble this little box yourself, reviewers say that it is very easy and there are no tools required  This small organizer would be perfect at your desk to organize things like pens and memo pads, or you could set it on your vanity to keep your makeup neat and tidy.  

6. Tiny Plant Pots

Cat themed planters
via Etsy

Crazyforplant on Etsy, $8.95

These tiny pots decorated with even tinier cats are perfect for your succulents or other similarly small houseplants. The small addition of the kitten to the otherwise traditional terracotta pots makes this a subtlety cute decoration for your shelves or windowsills. 

7. Door Hanger

Cat door hooks
via Amazon

Amazon, $22.99

This set of two cat-shaped door hooks will help you reduce clutter by holding onto your jackets and towels. They are easy to slip over the door and are made of sturdy metal. 

8. Bookends

Cat themed home décor accessories
via Etsy

ScarfGiraffe on Etsy, $36.79

Let these little cat friends help you keep your bookshelves looking tidy! These cat-shaped bookends are made of cast iron and their color looks beautiful on many shelves and bookcases. 

9. Soap Dispenser

Cat design soap dispenser
via Amazon

Amazon, $19.99

This ceramic pump bottle can be used as a soap dispenser in your bathroom or kitchen. The simple design of the cat face and body with its matte finish makes this a great accessory for your home.

10. Constellation Cat Art Print

Space, stars, cat art print, wall art
via Etsy

PaulinaFae on Etsy, $10+

If you're looking for some art to accessorize a bare wall, this cosmic kitty will do the trick. The black and white print makes this piece a great addition to many rooms including living rooms and bedrooms. 

11. Throw Pillow

Cat themed home accessories
via Amazon

Amazon, $9.99

Refresh your old throw pillows with a new pillow cover! The simple black cat design means that this pillow can add an exciting pop of color without being gaudy. If you don't already have a throw pillow, you can find one online or at a home goods store. 

12. Kitchen Towel

Cat home decor, kitchen accessories
via Etsy

AlleyShop on Etsy, $9

Personally, I think you can never have too many kitchens and tea towels. They're absorbent, resilient, and great for cleaning as well as drying dishes and hands. This kitchen towel is large, 27" on each side, and has a hanging loop for easy storage. Its handmade vinyl design will delight any cat lover, especially one that has a bond with a black cat.

13. Wall Hooks

Cat hangers, wall hooks
via Amazon

Amazon, $13.99

By the door, these cat hooks can collect your coats, bags, and keys so you're not rushing around the house in the morning trying to remember where you left them. In the bathroom, use them for towels, toiletry bags, and shower caps. Either way, the cast iron construction of these wall hanging hooks will stand up to whatever your needs may be.

14. Wax Warmer Lamp

Cat home decor, lamp, aromatherapy
via Etsy

PureOils2015 on Etsy, $39.99

Use this celestial cat-themed lamp just for ambient lighting, or make use of its dish on top to heat essential oils or wax melts for aromatherapy. This electric wax warmer lamp comes with the bulb required for light and heating and has a dimmer switch, too. 

15. Bath Mat

Cat bathroom accessories
via Amazon

Amazon, $15.99

This mat is soft and water absorbent, making it perfect for a bath mat, but it can also be used elsewhere in the house. Its absorbency makes it a great doormat for when it's raining or snowing, and its plush feel makes it ideal in the bedroom as well. 

16. Moon Phase Candle

Cat candle, home decor, witch aesthetic decor
via Etsy

WishcraftGoods on Etsy, $20.99

This black and gold design would look gorgeous in bedrooms or living rooms as a complement to other decors. The white candle inside is made of paraffin wax and has 100 hours of burn time.

17. Throw Blanket

Cat decor, home accessories
via Amazon

Amazon, $29.99

Just like with kitchen towels, I'm also a firm believer that one can never have too many throw blankets. This black cat and stars pattern comes in three different sizes and is made out of flannel fleece for superior warmth and softness. 

18. Planters

Cat shaped planters, houseplants
via Etsy

Meow3DStore on Etsy, $14.95+

If you're looking for cute planters for your houseplants, look no further! These best-selling planters come in 5 sizes, from Tiny to Mega, and 14 different colors including pink, silver, and glow in the dark. 

19. Makeup Mirror

Cat bathroom and bedroom decor
via Amazon

Amazon, $14.99

This cute pink mirror with cat ears will look adorable in your bathroom or on your vanity. Your makeup station will look Instagram-ready with this mirror.

20. Floor Rug

Cat floor rug, cat home decor
via Etsy

DesignRugArts on Etsy, $28+

This yin and yang cat rug come in many sizes, ranging from 2 feet to almost 6 feet wide, so no matter how big your space is, these snuggling kitties can fit in your home design. 

I hope you found something that suits your personal taste so that you too can show off your cat-lover side without compromising on style. 

Stevie is a writer who perpetually has a coffee in her hand and a cat on her lap. Her other hobbies include reading and playing video games.

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