Must Try Easy And Affordable DIY Home Decor Ideas To Overcome Anxiety

Our lives have become unimaginably stressful. Peace is nowhere but in our own homes. Here are some simple and easy DIY projects to help you set your mood right.
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While we quest for the pursuit of goodness amidst all the chaos around us, we often tend to forget that our personal well-being lies in our home sweet home! There is nothing like a welcoming home after a long tiring day. We know that dealing with anxiety and society’s absurdity at once can be very stressful, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with these absolutely proven-to-work home décor ideas to help you kick-out anxiety. 

Have fun making it and chilling in the therapeutic cozy corners! 

Color Psychology

Before deciding which color theme will look good and work in your home it is more than important to know how they make you feel. Color psychology has fascinated scholars and analysts for over a millennia and here is what we conclude after citing numerous theories and studies. 

image credits: stux, source: pixabay


Studies show that blue is said to slow down the heart rate and even reduce blood pressure. It is taken as a soothing color which is perfect to calm your mood down. 

1. Decorative Chrysanthemum Mirror from Plastic Spoons 

image source:  k4craft

All you’ll need to make this beautiful frame are some old plastic spoons, cardboard, spray paint, glue, scissors, and some patience!

And then boom! The result is just amazing! 

Steps to make it:


Draw two circles on cardboard. The inner-circle with the dimensions of the mirror and the outer circle as needed. Cut out the heads of the old plastic spoons and align them along the outline of the inner circle and progress outwards.

After covering all the cardboard areas spray paint with light blue color. This will serve as the base color. Now start painting the innermost with the darkest shade of blue and gradually tint the color while painting the next outer rows. Finally, secure the mirror in the center and it's ready!

2. Ruffle Curtains 

Photo by: evanollefen

Before getting started I would like to remind you that it is not as complicated as it looks. It is just a couple of ruffled stripe pieces sewn on a base cloth. The thing needed to make this stylish curtain is just a couple of meters of fabric (depends on the window size). You can either cut all the pieces in one hue or try playing with shades and tones of blues. 

And it's done..! Now you can just sit back there and relax to the fullest! 


Yellow is known to be a happy color that tends to cheer you up and increase metabolism. The color yellow can often be overwhelming but not when used right. 

1. Wall stickers 

Image credits: Peggy_marco, source: pixabay

Using yellow on a wall décor is never a bad idea. 

Step 1 - Take a yellow chart paper and cut out numerous butterflies. 

Step 2 - Cut small pieces of double-sided tape and use it to put up the butterflies on the wall.  

Step 3 - Arrange them in a fashion that displays a bunch of butterflies flying.  

And your happy wall is ready! 

2. Supercool cushions 

Image source: Whatsurhomestory

These cushions look very elegant but are very easy and affordable to make. It is under $10! Some yellow felt sheets or thick fabric, base fabric, and sewing machine is everything you’ll need.

Step 1: Measure your pillow and draw the dimensions accordingly on the base fabric. Add an allowance of 3/4 inch to 1 inch for seam and ease.

Step 2: Fold and crease along one side of the rectangle drawn such that you get two of it when you cut. Then cut it leaving the folded side.

Step 3: Sew any two sides and attach a zipper on the third.

Step 4: Now for attaching the circles there is no definite method. Just go ahead and fill the space by following a pattern or randomly sewing it.

Try and wow your friends and family. 


The very sight of white reminds us of peace. It symbolizes cleanliness and makes us feel fresh all the while. It is the purest of all colors and that is how it keeps your mood, clean. If calm has to be renamed to another word, hands down it has to be white! 

Check out these simple DIY crafts to make your space look calm and to keep your mind at peace. 

1. The prettiest never drying flowers 

It is the cheapest and elegant flower you’ll ever have. It adds a subtle calmness to the ambiance. 

Things you'll need to make it are a couple of white tissue papers, cord or stick, and green craft or tissue paper.

2. The famous yarn lantern 

Image credits: madebygirl 

You would have surely come across this yarn hack if you are a DIY enthusiast. But don’t worry if you haven’t. Here is the procedure: 

Things you’ll need: 

White yarn (preferably cotton), glue or mod podge, balloon. 

Step 1: blow the balloon of whichever size you want your lantern to be. 

Step 2: soak the yarn in the glue or mod podge and drain the excess by squeezing it gently. 

Step 3: start covering the balloon with the soaked yarn by simply spiraling it on the balloon. 

Step 4: leave it to dry in SHADE. 

Step 5: with a sharp pin quickly burst the balloon after the gum is completely dry. 

Step 6: pull the balloon out carefully without damaging the shape. 

Voila...! Add light and your gorgeous lamp lantern is ready to hang! 


Pink is most commonly associated with feminity. The color used in décor can enhance compassion, calmness, and romance. 

1. The hearty love yarn letters 

Image source: sisterssuitcaseblog

These ombre effect letters are just what you’ll need to complete a romantic corner.

You can either buy the cardboard letters in any craft store or make it yourself! The layout is available online. Then you just gotta wrap it up with woolen or embroidery thread securing it with glue.

The green thumb rule 

Image source: pixabay, credits: Free-Photos

Have you wondered why indoor plants are always adored and in trend? Here is why. It not only freshens up the air but also your mood. Yes! Plants in your room have a great deal in reducing stress. According to NASA indoor plants can clean up to 87% of toxicity in the air in 24 hours. I KNOW RIGHT! How amazing would that be to stay fresh and stress-free while your room looks good too! 

According to ‘Journal of environmental psychology’ flowering plants are more effective than non-flowering plants when it comes to helping reduce stress. 

Image credits: artcorum, source: pixabay

Ever thought about why cacti are so common among indoor plants? 

Image credits: Terco, source: pixabay

Firstly, they are low maintenance and don't need much care. Secondly, most of the cacti are said to have healing properties. Third, they spread calmness and are much suitable for a working environment. 

Here are some DIY planter ideas for you to try right away. 

1. Cement it 

Image credits: 5-minutecrafts

This super cool idea by 5-minute crafts is the easiest planter you can try. All you need to do is fill a rubber glove with cement and place a bowl to give it shape and leave it to set. Several hours later cut off the glove and there you go. Your very own hand planter is ready! 

Image credits: 5-minutecrafts
Image credits: Home Dzine

You’ll need a turkey towel of size according to your choice.  

You’ll just have to soak it in the cement mixture and hang it as shown in the picture. 

Once it dries just turn it and use it as a pot.  

You can spray paint it in Metallic color to give it a rich look or paint it chocolate brown to make it look like a tree trunk.  

2. Re-use tin cans

Wrap them up with jute rope to keep it simple and give an earthy effect to the metal containers. 

It always helps to put a décor together if you follow a color theme. You can complement, contrast, or go monochrome. But always remember the color psychology!


No other element can work magic like ambient lighting in a décor. Lighting is effective not only aesthetically but also score well psychologically. According to the research by Rachel and Stephen Kaplan, former professors at the University of Michigan, the environment we live in can highly affect our well-being.

Through their study ‘The Experience of Nature: A Psychological Perspective’ they have explained how brightness and visual array can play a substantial role in reducing depression and also surprisingly increase intellectual performance like reaction time.  

Here are some simple DIY light décor ideas we’ve compiled for you: 

1. String lights 

Image source: pin2fun52.blogspot

String lights are so versatile. These can be used anywhere to create different moods with different variations of alignment. 

2. Chandelier lights 

Image credits: thespacebetweenblog

Hanging from above, these lights always gives us a royal and heavenly feel. It looks rich but can be made with super cheap materials. You can make truly elegant chandeliers with bulbs, old glass bottles, etc.

Where to place what?

When it comes to arranging furniture across the room one has to consider the look as well as the flow of energy around. Different cultures have different beliefs. When it comes to placing beds most cultures believe that placing them opposite to the doorway is good for your health. However, in Feng Shui tradition, placing the bed straight to the doorway is considered a bad omen because, when you sleep your feet facing directly to the door it resembles the coffin position. That is how the dead body is taken out, the feet first. It is always advised to place the bed DIAGONALLY opposite to the door. 

Image credits:

Another important element that should be placed correctly, is the mirror. The mirror creates a sense of fullness and also has the ability to make space look bigger. Despite its aesthetic advantages, random placement of mirrors can create strong negative energy causing agitation. Feng Shui has explained where we should and shouldn’t place mirrors.


Quoting Albert Hadley, "Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one's well being". These DIY ideas have promisingly improved people's lifestyles and reduced stress. Implement these home decor ideas and feel the calmness!

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