TikTok: Impact on Social Media Users

TikTok is the latest app that has given creators the chance to show off new ideas, and has provided viewers a chance to find a community outlet with people who have similar interests.
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TikTok is one of the newest and most time-consuming apps that has crossed our boards. Anything new and trendy has come from the app; nearly everyone has heard of it or has sent a video of a funny cat.

TikTok has been in the limelight since the start of quartine and has gained more publicity since President Trump began to talk about possibly banning the app, which sparked an uproar from the Gen Z community. But TikTok has remained strong and is still letting creators produce videos that continue to bring different people together while we all struggle to get by.

But is TikTok all that it cracks up to be?

Negative Impact Of Tiktok On Social Media Users

TikTok has opened up doors for all kinds of possibilities for everyone. This means that dangers have also opened up to viewers. But what exactly are these dangers? These dangers could range to a wide variety of things, from cyberbullying to opening younger audience members to the genuine possibility of stranger danger.

But TikTok can also provide outlets for those looking for people with similar interests as themselves. So, where's the danger in that?

The danger itself comes from the stream of trends that creators come up with that younger audience members the chance to try them out too, which can often lead to extreme injury or possible death. Some of these trends can include dangerous stunts or could lead you into places that may be dangerous or, even worse, someone dangerous is waiting for you.

And then there's the latest challenge that has users keep taking Benadryl until they experience hallucinations. It challenges and trends like these that often lead people to accidents. Could this be a call to creators to have them watch what they put on the internet for all to see, or is it a call to the viewers not to try everything that comes on their screen?

Positive Impact Of Tiktok On Social Media Users

And this goes out to other trends or content that comes across our screens. TikTok is also a platform for growing small businesses; this allows the creator to show viewers what they're selling and lets them have the freedom to conduct their process, packing up orders and what they have in stock.

Small businesses have been able to find a platform where they don't have to rely heavily on others' words; they're able to show off their products and build a pocket of customers that come back for more and recommend their products.

TikTok also provides artists with the chance to show what they can do. This, in turn, gives others the courage to post their best works of art or create their process videos because of the overwhelming support that artists and others will provide them with.

Tiktok Is A Platform that Can Be Anything

Tiktok is a platform where everyone can be who they are and find a place of acceptance. They can share their ideas and opinions, both political and personal, and find that people agree with them. We've seen people show us their day to day lives of wrapping packages or going to work. People tell funny stories that become future sounds that people use in the background of their next video. We can look into the lives of teachers, celebrities, and so many other people.

Tiktok gives us tiktokers that give us funny skits about situations in life that many of us can relate to, like what it's like having kids, brothers, sisters, what it's like being the oldest, middle, and youngest in the family. People can connect through shared favorite scenes from so many different shows, movies, and books; they even inspire some to check them out.

TikTok is a changing platform, that like every social media platform, has its ups and downs and makes mistakes. TikTok provides viewers with fun, exciting content like funny dog stories or uses the data given to them by the viewers to offer healthy communities based on similarly liked videos. These videos are the ones that are sent to friends and family to create smiles and brighten someone's day.

TikTok, like the rest of the world, isn't as black and white as we may make it out to be. It's a fun platform that allows everyone to express themselves and show off their favorite things, but it's also a platform that can lead to adverse outcomes if the viewer gets too caught up in the latest challenge. We must all try to be careful about what we put out there, and more importantly, TikTok must be kept a safe environment for everyone.

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