How To Look Trendy Without Following The Latest Fashion Trends

Trends can be fun, but they're often hard to keep up with. There's ways to still be fashionable even without following trends

When it comes to trends, it's nearly impossible to stay in touch, especially if you're on a budget. It is important, though, to stay looking sharp. We made be in the time of online learning and virtual meetings, but people are still going to restaurants and having small weddings. 

Trends are fun but they can have some rather unforeseen repercussions. Trends work quickly, occurring and then quickly changing. They are often short-lived and pieces go out of style not long after they buy them. Trends also have a trickle-down effect, starting on the runway and working down to bargain shops. 

When trends start, manufacturers will quickly. They will often make a bunch of the same product and sell it at a moderate price. Those who keep up with trends buy the pieces. When the trend ends, the pieces are either thrown out, sold, donated, or handed down to younger siblings. This process is considered Fast Fashion.

There are, of course, ways to be considered trendy without following trends. There are two main ways to do this. Fashion is very free-thinking. There are no rules to follow but you shouldn't feel restricted to having to wear only trendy pieces.

Here are the 2 ways you can use to look trendy without following the latest fashion trends:

1. Make sure you always buy Standard Pieces

Make sure you always buy Standard Pieces to stay trendy

When you start your “real world” closet, you should own standard pieces. These include a nice pair of blue jeans, a nice pair of dress pants, a white t-shirt, a white button-down, a black turtleneck, and a little black dress. There are of course other variations of these pieces that make a closet simple.

If you are the type that likes to follow trends, owning standard pieces would mean buying trendy accessories. Not only do these tend to be cheaper than clothing, but they also tend to last longer. Some of these pieces work well under trendy pieces like jackets, earrings, headbands, shoes, or other such pieces. 

For example, some current trends are oversized jackets, sweater vests, and pastel colors. All of these things can be easily incorporated into outfits with standard pieces. This keeps you trendy but without having to buy all new pieces every season

2. Always dress Vintage/Classic

Always dress Vintage/Classic to stay in trend

This is very popular nowadays. Classic looks like long skirts, casual dresses, dress pants, and black dresses never go out of style. Vintage shopping has been popular as of late as well. From 70’s bell-bottoms to 80’s bomber jackets, these pieces can easily be found at thrift shops. This is both environmentally conscious and wallet-friendly.  

Websites like DePop and Etsy are great places to find vintage pieces, although many of them are bought from thrift stores and the prices are hoisted up. You can also learn to make some of your own pieces. 

Currently, the Y2K look is very popular. If you still have tons of old clothes that you had back then, you can even style it to fit the look of today. It’s really a way of combining 2021 with 2000.

In summary, fashion has no rules! You can be trendy or you can dress however you want. You can follow trends if you want or you can dress completely differently. There are always things like sustainability, ethics, and price to consider when you shop. How you chose to buy is entirely up to you. 

Courtney is a junior at Montclair State University and is from a small town in Pennsylvania. She loves fashion, reading, art, and history.

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