10 Things To Do When You Move To A New Town Alone

None of us really know what to do when we move to a new town alone. Follow these tips out of my personal experience moving to a new town to help you get started.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, moving to a new place on your own is nerve-wracking. People are used to the comforts of our own lives; however, we do not grow in comfort. Whether you are moving to a town for a new job, post-graduate degree, or for a change in scenery, you will feel scared.

10 Things To Do When You Move To A New Town Alone
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However, that is natural. It is human to be afraid. Transitioning into a new phase of your life is never easy, but you can overcome these fears and uncertainties, with a bit of advice.

Here are ten things to do when you move to a new town alone.  

1. Research the Area to stay away from crime zones

Every place has one thing in common, there is always a bad area. Use a local crime map to find out how safe an area is. When you move to a new place you should research the area.

crime rate in different places in usa
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Before I moved to Virginia, I had to choose a place to live. It came down to two options. After I did a little bit of research, I found out that one apartment was in one of the most dangerous areas. The crime rate was through the roof. I decided to research the second area and it had a low crime rate. I went with the second choice, which led to a quiet life.  

2. Start Unpacking Your Belongings 

The sight of bare walls, an empty kitchen, and a bedroom full of boxes is disheartening. Seeing all of your belongings packed in boxes, in an empty house, will make you feel lonely. Once you have arrived at your new apartment you should begin to unpack, right away.

You have planned on living in this town, so make the space your own. You will not feel at home in your new town for a while, so focus on making a place for yourself.  

10 Things To Do When You Move To A New Town Alone
Image Source: Pexels

When I first moved to Virginia, it took me months to completely unpack. Slowly I began to hang up artwork, shelve my books, and place my keepsakes. I rebuilt furniture, unrolled my rugs, and found places for my appliances. I was turning an empty house into my own. The more I unpacked, the more I saw myself staying there, and the less lonely I felt. 

3. Make a New Account on Social Media for new friends

Everyone has the fantasy of moving to a new town, reinventing themselves, and starting a new life. So when you get a new town, act like this new life is yours. Create different accounts on social media.

This allows you to expand your horizon, without worrying about friends and relatives seeing what you are up to. You can create this new space to live your life. 

creating new social media for new friends
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 I’m not telling you to delete your Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, I'm telling you to make a new one. People scan through your accounts when you add them, why show someone your past when you want to work on your future?

I have different accounts for different purposes. I have ones for relatives and friends from college and another for my adult life. People will dig into your past, don’t give them anything to dig into. 

4. Be a Tourist and use google to find events and attractions near you

When you’re in a new town there is so much to do, that it will overwhelm you. With so many decisions, what can you do?  You may decide to do nothing and stay inside. When this happens, do what tourists do. Look up what to do in the area. A simple search on Google will show you events, attractions, and restaurants in the area.

be a tourist and find events and attractions near you
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That’s how I found Neptune’s Park, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Along the beach, there is a twenty-six-foot-tall statue of Neptune towers over the beach. Intricate turtles and fish are carved along the statue.

In front of the statue is a grand stage, where performers play live music. Behind the statute, people are lounging on chairs letting the ocean lap at their feet.

Two blocks down there is a fitness park. There is a variety of equipment such as pull-up bars, a rope to climb up, and a lower tightrope walk. I’d visit the Oceanfront several times a week, just to find out what the most popular places were.

After a few weeks, I knew the area pretty well and could navigate using landmarks. So be a tourist, find new and amazing things, while learning how to find your way. You’ll see things you’ve never dreamed of and become used to your new town. 

5. Keep Up With Your Hobbies

Many of us have hobbies. We play sports, paint, and read. When people move they give up on their hobbies. Don’t. There are thousands of people out there who have the same interest as you. Go and find them.

keep up with your old hobbies
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You already have something in common. You can use websites like Meetup to find different activities going on in your area. This is a great way to expand your circle of friends. 

I decided to take an adult writing class at The Muse Writers Center, in Norfolk, Virginia. I wanted to work on my writing and this seemed to be the best place. I ended up meeting a lot of people that I really liked.

I met this woman named Karrie, who became one of my closest friends at the time. I went to a writing center to keep up with my hobby, and I ended up making friends.   

6. Challenge Yourself To Do More 

Everyone gets tired of the same things day after day. Being in a new place isn’t a chore, It is a chase to explore yourself and what you are capable of doing. The answer to what you are looking for isn’t inside of your house or on Netflix, it’s out in the real world. Challenge yourself by doing new activities that you wouldn’t do in your hometown.

When I moved to Virginia I started doing improv comedy. Back at home, I wouldn’t perform in front of anyone I knew; however, in a new place gave me a chance to explore myself. The more I did the more I learned about myself.    

7. Visit a Place Regularly

We all get nervous going somewhere for the first time such as the grocery store, a coffee shop, or a club; however, that fades with exposure. If you want a sense of stability, then visit a place regularly. The more you frequent a place the more familiar you become with the location and people.

clubs and bars at the new place to visit regularly
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There were only three bars I went to regularly and I made sure to know the people who worked there. I was able to joke around with people, find out what was going on in town, and I was even invited to their parties.

Here’s the thing: I didn’t try to get to know people because I wanted anything from them, I just wanted to know who they were, I treat people like how I want to be treated. I became a regular by wanting to know more about the person and that’s how I made friends. 

8. Go to Local Shops

If you want to ease into a new life, become one of the locals. Visit local stores. Franchises are nice because you know what to expect; however, local shops will help ease you into a town. All towns have different cultures and the only way to discover it is to immerse yourself. 

10 Things to Do When You Move to a New Town Alone
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9. Plan Trips to neighboring towns

There are hundreds of neighboring towns right next to you. Each town offers a variety of different aspects. If you only stay in one place, you will miss out on what the rest of what your new town has to offer. Visit major cities in the area, small quiet towns, and national parks. Find ways to get out of your house and feel at home.

I would frequently go to the Oceanfront, in Virginia. There was always something going on like concerts, festivals, and events. I would run into the same people, from time to time, and build connections. The more events that I found out about, the more I had planned for the future. Planning day trips give you something to look forward to, instead of holding up in your apartment. 

10. Give Yourself Time to Adjust 

Everything needs an adjustment period. It’s going to take time before a place becomes a home. You cannot rush this process or force a deadline. You must live in the moment and treat the new town like it is your home. Over time you will fall into a routine and that’s how you know that you have adjusted.    

10 Things to Do When You Move to a New Town Alone
Image Source: Pexels

After a year of living in Virginia, I found that I had become accustomed to the way of life. I knew where to shop for what, how to get around the town, and what was going on in the area. I didn’t know any of these things at first, but as I moved on with my life, I found out what to do. Moving to a new town was scary, but fear only lasts a moment.

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