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Maintaining any kind of consistency is a challenge. It’s much easier to go with our whims as opposed to committing to structure, but there are benefits to be reaped from developing habits in our daily lives.
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Life is fluid. If you’re reading this then you’re looking for a way to build some consistency into your daily routine and maybe drop a few bad habits along the way. My biggest time suck was hours upon hours in front of the TV. I had to break that habit to start building the ones that would lead me toward my goals. I’m still a work in progress, but there are a few things I’ve picked up along the way as I work toward my #bestlife.

Here are the tips to help you build a daily routine and develop healthy habits to achieve your goals:

1. First, make a list of all the things you want to be doing, and then create a checklist distinguishing what you think is manageable on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

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2. Start with a few habits at a time and once you find space in your day for those, add more challenging and time-consuming practices in your daily routine.  

3. Commit to your daily habits by practicing them regularly each day.  

4. Start your days right by doing one thing when you first wake up every morning.

"Taking care of my body has been a top priority for me and not being able to get to yoga class regularly took its toll. I started by stretching right when I got out of bed in the mornings, just 20 minutes. It was a struggle at first, but now I'm stretching for almost an hour each day and I feel great. If for some reason I miss it first thing in the morning, I make it up at some point throughout the day. It's become so regular that my body can't go a day without it."

-Christina Solana of Avatara Ayurveda

5. Be willing to give up your bad habits. You know which ones I’m referring to – the ones that feel good while you’re doing them but leave you with nothing but regret.

6. Fight through the struggle of change.

7. Get someone else involved to help hold you accountable.

8. Understand that your daily routine is a work in progress.

9. Forgive yourself if you don’t get something done.

10. Don’t’ be afraid to start over.

Building habits isn’t easy. It requires effort and commitment. To give yourself a chance at success, start small, with one habit at a time. Adjust as needed and don’t be afraid to start over if life happens to push you off track or your checklist gets too long. With enough practice and some patience, you'll be doing the things you always said you wanted to, but didn’t think you had the time for.

Before you know it, your life will look very different from the one you had been living. 

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