Tofu Is The Ultimate Egg Substitute

Went vegan and still craving eggs? Try Tofu as an egg substitute!
Tufo makes a great egg substitute
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Being from the rural midwest with no internet as a child, I didn't get much exposure to tofu. I first was exposed to it watching Teen Titans, where one of the heroes, Beast Boy, would feast on tofu in many scenes.

For years after that, I had a skewed view of what tofu actually was, and why was it so popular. 

Brief History of Tofu

As many know, Tofu originated in China. It is made primarily through soybeans, which are low in calories, but high in proteins and minerals.

Tofu has been a staple of China for over 2 millennia but has only made its way to the western world in the 1800s as Chinese immigrants ate tofu while working on the railroads.

Despite its popularity with east Asian and southeast Asian cultures, popularity with the west didn't hit until a few decades ago, when more people became conscientious of diets and other wellness practices.

Tofu in the Kitchen

Tofu  in the Kitchen
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I didn't come across tofu much as a young adult either.

I didn't accept tofus popularity and culinary benefits until I was face to face with it in the kitchen.

I began working at this upscale diner in the heart of the culinary hotspot in my city known as "Eat Street."

The diner's focus was locally sourced ingredients with a great number of vegetarian and vegan options.

Many of the dishes called for tofu, so I had no other choice than get to know it. As I started cooking with it, I saw its versatility.

It's very bland in terms of taste and texture and, by itself, may turn some people away.

Once you add a little seasoning to it, however, it's a whole different story.

Because of its basic taste, you can add just about any kind of flavor to tofu, and it will soak it up like a sponge.

Whether it be savory, sweet, or spicy; whatever situation you use for tofu, it will learn to ropes and adhere to the flavor profile you're going for.

As I saw and made these dishes, I started to see just how well tofu could be used as a substitute for meat.

But for eggs? Why I didn't think of that one bit.

Tofu is a substitute for Eggs

Tofu can make a fantastic substitute for scrambled eggs. When crumbled, Tofu's texture mimics that of some hard scrambled eggs. 

The first brunch shift I worked at this diner, I had to make a tofu scrambled egg dish. I was taken aback by the process of making tofu mimic scrambled eggs. 

But as I was shown how to do it, it all came together.

I understood the process of introducing the flavor of eggs, but how on earth will you get them to look like eggs?

Curry powder. 

Made mostly of turmeric, curry powder gives tofu the savory flavor of eggs as well as attributes to the yellow tint.

My Favorite Tofu Scramble Eggs

My go-to tofu scramble combo consists of:

Sauteeing the red onions, garlic, and diced tomatoes together delivers a savory aroma as you add your tofu to the scramble. 

The tomato juices will carry all the flavors, thus soaking up in the tofu.

Add curry powder to lock in your tofu as scrambled eggs.

Steaming spinach until it's wilted adds high amounts of vitamins and minerals. 

Finally, top it off with green onions, cilantro, and lime to give an herby citrus crunch to every bite.

Tofu for Your Scrambled Egg Fix

Tofu is the ultimate alternative for scrambled eggs. It can mimic its yolky counterpart with the right steps and seasonings.

So if you're vegetarian or vegan and are craving delicious scrambled eggs, bring out the tofu and start crumbling!

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