All Bound Up, Mind The Numbers: Natural Minds And Informational Consciousness

Ask questions as a child, consider as an elder.
Natural Minds And Informational Consciousness
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A very large part of space-time must be investigated if reliable results are to be obtained. 

Alan Turing

An honest man is always a child.


The “mind,” as with “consciousness,” as terms have garnered a reputation as symbols of the spiritual or otherworldly raining down on the ordinary life of now. Somehow, a supernatural unification of phenomenal experience. Somehow, another world entirely airdropping qualia into a singular field of subjectivity.

Somehow, a divine presence in the form of a spirit or a soul embedded in the heart of a human being or bound to some Source extant at the beginning and end of all. Somehow, some Alpha and Omega binding all as one unto itself and gifting a singlet experience for each conscious being. Somehow, a holy text, reality as a language, and word games to close the gap while making a fool and pretending to not act as such. 

Somehow... in the face of overwhelming complexity, and befuddled masses, and confused leaders of thought, and poorly evolved minds, other ploys are invented to explain one of the mysteries or problems of the evolutionary world, the brain, and the mind. Naturalism as a counter to the supernatural claims, while still limited.

What if? Just, what if? What if the explanations of the processes of the natural world happen in accordance with principles of existence or Laws of Nature, and so human beings must be explained in like manner?

What if the brain is part of the natural world, and so must be explained in like manner? What if the body and the brain are part of the natural world, and so must be explained in like manner? What if “consciousness” and “mind” were completely disconnected from the spiritual or otherworldly?

In a natural world, these terms become meaningless with a sense of the ordinary. Life becomes an ordinary process. Existence becomes itself. The universe manifests as a self-such process, as out of the necessity of existence, as life out of Universe. 

“Existence,” “Life,” “Universe,” each as manifestations of the ordinary, not extraordinary – not in size or variation, but in continuity. Things exist and flow one from the other.

The order of the Universe means nothing, as a disorder or pervasive inconsistency would mean nullification of the structure of the Universe, so, in the end, no universe. Whether an argument for divine creation or transcendental generativity or identity of reality as a god, these amount to word games from The Word people. 

If discarded, the more parsimonious explanation sat in front all along; all these acts of existence are not choices to exist, but inevitabilities of existence with pathways of possibilities as probabilities manifesting as they can and not as they should. Whatever the world, we live in the best of all possible worlds because all worlds are the best of worlds because they are possible. 

What if? Truly, what if? What if terms including “mind” and “consciousness” mean the same process of unification of qualia, phenomenological experience, and apparent unitary subjectivity in the Universe? 

Terms matter, similarly, for example, the multiverse proposed would be a universe, as the universe is all that exists or virtually exists. A multiverse converges to a universe and an original universe becomes a singlet in this universe, so voiding the term and not the idea of the multiverse.

Our hidden assumptions and wrongful derivations from the terminology lead us astray in coming to correct views about the world as a natural dynamic object grounded in the valueless exchange of information as in an informational particularity and informational cosmology. 

Information as transforms of spatiotemporal quantities of reality from one moment of time manifested into the next as pathways permit from current organizational structures of reality. 

One such series of manifestations come from dynamic, complex structural transforms of the human nervous system with an apparent tight correspondence to individual subjective experience and externalized behavior. 

Mind and consciousness mean subjective experience. An apparent unification of qualities of experience, objects perceived, concepts formed, and thoughts strung along with the concepts about the concepts, the objects, and the qualities of experience. 

In turn, a concretized sensibility of subjective experience, as mind and consciousness, mean a technical, informational, finite series of transforms over a finite amount of moments. These transform amount to the micro-mosaic mirror informational universe in a spatiotemporal quantity. 

The informational content of a human brain can be calculated in this manner and the time in life can provide a ranged metric of the amount of transformation of states, so the quantity of information in this spatiotemporal quantity. 

No infinities exist here. Akin to the numbers, a hidden assumption in numbers belies the reality of reality, the nature of nature, the fundaments of the cosmos and the universe. In a finite universe, Universe can be represented by numbers, finitely. 

The hidden assumptions of the numbers come from the infinities. A series of precision requires information and increasing precision needs more information; infinities differ and many apparent infinities in numbers rest on true finite. Infinite precision requires infinite information. 

0.0 differs from 0.00 and 0.000 differs from 0.0000. In this manner, 0.0 becomes an approximation 0.0000 and the common assumption or premise behind numbers is an infinite series with 0.00000…, so as to demarcate reality, in our representations, as an infinite object. 

We must reflect. If an infinite object, and dynamic, so transformational, then an infinitely informational object with changes of state – one into another. These mark an oddity, an error. The universe becomes an apparent finite construct with functional infinite aspects (large finite beyond current comprehension).

The infinities hidden in mental constructs of numbers when applied to the Universe must be truncated to make reality real in the mappings or couplings of approximate mental constructs to its true frame(s). 

In like manner, folk psychological notions of consciousness and mind relate to hidden infinities to hide or mistake the nature of the matter; "subjective experience" does not, as we experience the limitations at all possible moments of subjectivity.

Consciousness as another worldly creation bound to this world pertains to a feeling of an infinitude beyond the natural, so the supernatural, the metaphysical, or the extra material, the non-informational. Same with mind. 

When chucked out of incoherence, due to poor explanation, or elasticity of definitional bounds to make the superfluous or meaningless, in definition, seem profound, simplicity sets forth. The universe is a finite construct; mind and consciousness as subjective experience, as technical products of evolution – pressure, selection, reproduction, further pressure, selection, reproduction. 

Structure, the nervous system, and process, informational transforms of the structure, and associated apparency of unity of the qualities of experience, the objects of experience, the concepts of experience, and thoughts related to them, unavoidably exist as finite, as Universe remains inevitably finite. 

Numbers, subjective experience, and Universe come to the reality of finitude and informational transforms – the so-called natural found in Naturalism with precision and proper, deeper definition. Thusly, which is all to state, Naturalism is correct, while Informationalism is more correct.

Quod erat demonstratum.

Founder of In-Sight Publishing and Editor-in-Chief of In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal. He is an Independent Journalist and Researcher. Jacobsen works for science and human rights, especially women’s and children’s rights. He considers the modern scientific and technological world the foundation for the provision of the basics of human life throughout the world and the advancement of human rights as the universal movement among peoples everywhere. 

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