Let's Talk About Racism And Critical Race Theory

I studied Global studies in my high school and it was all written in those textbooks that talked about Colonialism and Imperialism, slavery and it did not just end with Black slaves but of the Native Americans too. Why not talk about what made Thanksgiving Days so important in American History if not for them?

Every moment in our history has good and bad in it, that is why monuments and holidays are made. I want to talk about Critical Race theory because it is important to be open to all parts of life that a White boy, a Black boy, an Asian girl, and an Indian boy would not know about.

talk on racism

Critical Race Theory, Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopedia is a concept that is based on racial indifference that is believed to influence the Law and any social associations that are used to stop any person of nonwhite in a white constructed world financially and socially.

It was in the 1960s however that the thought of how the government itself was built to govern the most wealthy and left the poor to die as the wealthy had learned to live on their labor. It was called Critical Legal Studies because it was based on political standards only.

Understanding where Critical Race Theory come from

Critical Race Theory come from came from Manifesto of The Communist Party written by Karl Marx {1818- 1883} that he comes to believe through his investigative research - What is Critical Race Theory and How to fight it?

A Critical Race Theory is wrong because its methods of diversity training programs and its effect on school curricula have the sole purpose of destroying American and its principles because it makes White people look like bad people who need to learn to hate themselves for being White while centuries they were free to hate others who did not look like and treat them like animals.

To them, equality represents" mere non-discrimination" and provides " camouflage"  for White Supremacy, patriarchy, and oppression as if he means to say that White people and Black people are equal as long as Black and Nonwhite people follow the rules being placed upon them as lower class and this is not acceptable to Black or Nonwhite People anymore.

In contrast to equality, equity, as defined and promoted by Critical Race Theorists, is a little more than reformulated where there is a creation of a Department of Antiracism governed by Critical Race Theorist Ibram X. Kendi which used its own rules to take away any rights or privileges a person would have if they displayed any type of racist expression.

There seems to be no room to learn from

And at the end of his lecture, he has said, "Truth and Justice are on our side. If we can muster the courage, we win." After reading his lecture, Mr. Christopher F. Rufo's lecture, I ask myself aloud What is the fight on his side about? "We should be talking about and aiming at excellence, a common standard of all backgrounds to achieve their potential. On the scale of desirable ends, excellence beats diversity every time"  

Excellence? That judgment of excellence is a fancy way of saying slavery is acceptable because what a Black person is made to do, a White person dares not because they won't.  Excellence for what? For a person to be White? Whereas " ...diversity is a secondary value" because no other person who is not White could not do a better job than a White Person?

Is a White person so threatened by an academic form of talk therapy that centers on yet another universal problem just like Mental Health is also at the moment as well? Or is it the irrational fear that a colored person at the same level as a White Person is truly that irrational? 

I had the privilege to be able to be involved in a conversation that I now understand came out of a diversity training program that allowed teachers in their curricula to discuss all sorts of issues of racial discrimination of Black kids in school and as young adults in colleges- if they managed to get in, that is, in one of my college classes, Socialization in Education.

As a listener, I understand racial injustice just as any nonwhite person but differently than most while I read books like Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced And Under protected

Because of the intensity of Black Lives Matter, the way education has been taught and students are treated among not only themselves but towards the college faculty members have changed drastically from college admissions to changing curriculum requirements to supporting Anti-Racist Activism was given a completely different environment where Racism was not tolerated.

After our previous President Donald Trump had made an AntiMuslim Ban, my college made great efforts that ensured that everyone no matter who they were or where they came from was welcome and hate was not. 

Since Racism has made its way back from the shadows where it should have been kept, the intellectual concept that Race is not only a social belief but a universal one that was taught by White Supremacy, Critical Race Theory has also reemerged to battle its social, economically and educational inequalities on Race has entered the educational system where every student regardless of race, income, and educational standing will be allowed to have a good education in all kinds of perspectives.

According to Lauren Camera's What is Critical Race Theory and Why are people so upset about it article, this is where The 1619 Project, a collage of stories of racial discrimination and its dire consequences is explored, felt, and judged in a safe environment.  

If a person decides to teach hate, expect there to be no one to learn and grow from 

Our last president Donald Trump has stopped the way towards the schools' curriculum by making up another academic curriculum called the "1776 Commission" which was illegal.

President Joe Biden had corrected this when he took office in the 2020 presidential election and allowed The 1916 Project to come into the educational system which made a lot of White people very angry.

If there is one issue that is becoming not just a moral and racial dilemma but a social one is the Critical Race Theory where students will be taught about racism and the way it is used to teach and raise American kids in Micheal Cadenhead and Brakkton Booker's article Will Critical Race Theory be the new debate issue for 2022 elections? Politico.

While Critical Race Theory is a concept that is taught only in high education with the movement of Black Lives Matter sparked by George Floyd, an African American man who was killed by a White police officer, and the way, the treatment of the coronavirus where the vaccine where Blacks and Hispanics were made to wait even longer than most has caused people calling for a chance for change that only Critical Race Theory can unmask and reveal.

So now I understand why as a child a young white woman once commented on how I spoke, " She has no accent." I had found it insulting but she seems amazed. There is no logical reason a white person is better than a non-white person because there is no explanation that that White person can do better than a Non-white person.  The only difference is ignorance and that is not knowledge.

I am a writer, journal keeper and a believer in many things.

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