20 Simple Ways To Be Happy Every Day

A list of doable and practical ways to be happy

Happiness is one of the deepest and most essential needs of a person. It gives life to life. You cannot live well without it.

Here are simple ways to a happy everyday living:

1. Eat well

You need to be healthy and eating well will strengthen your immune system, so you can be able to do the things that make you happy. The Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute said that one needs to have a balanced diet; which means having a variety of food on your plate and eating in moderation. Enjoy different kinds of vegetables, and fruits.

You may also drink coffee, tea, milk, or freshly made juice as your health condition allows. A little bit of chocolate, sugary foods, and desserts will do you good from time to time. As you enjoy your food, do not be in a hurry to eat, but chew slowly, and savor each bite.

2. Exercise every day

According to studies, exercise makes one happy. Having a work out will not only shed some pounds. It will also make you feel good. Engage in an exercise that you would enjoy doing. You may ask an expert or your doctor before you start an exercise. These are the most common exercises: walking, running, biking, weight lifting, doing Zumba, yoga, dancing, swimming, and many others. It is recommended exercise be done three times a week.

3. Do a hobby

Hobbies play an important role in making you happy. Doing a hobby can relax you. It can eliminate stress. Cooking and baking can bring happiness. The good part of it is you will be able to share what you cooked or baked with your loved ones and friends and they get to give you nice feedback which will make you happy. Gardening will refresh you as you become one with nature.

Doing arts, crafts, and carpentry will bring creativity and make you smile after you are done with your artwork. Reading good books and magazines will feed your mind. The good thing about it is you may also read ebooks and digital magazines for free online.

4. Listen to music

Listening to good music is therapeutic. It calms, heals, energizes, and soothes. It opens your mind to good thoughts. You may listen to good and uplifting music and songs online.

5. Watch a movie

Watch good, funny, and heartwarming moves and TV shows. They have a way of touching your heart and adding happiness to your life.

6. Find work that you love

Have a job or a career that you love and enjoy doing. It will increase your happiness and satisfaction. It will make you achieve more. It will make you even successful. 

7. Take adequate rest

Take a good rest and relax. Just sit down or lie down. Take a good night's sleep. Take the vacation you have been wanting.

8. Think positive

Refrain from thinking negative thoughts. Fill your mind with positivity and optimism.

9. Be at peace

Do not worry. Do not fear. Do not entertain troubling and anxious thoughts. You were born to live in peace, so think of good and restful thoughts.

10. Forgive yourself

Everybody makes mistakes and remember that you are not perfect. Learn to forgive yourself. Learn what you need to learn from your mistakes and move on.

11. Love yourself

Treat yourself well. Pamper yourself whenever you can. Eat at your favorite restaurant. Buy your desired clothes. Do your bucket list. Go to the spa. Try new things like paragliding, hiking, scuba diving, sky diving, Kayaking, living on an island, tribal living, and others. Travel. Go for an adventure. Create happy moments because you were created for them.

12. Help others whenever you can

When you lend a helping hand and be kind, not only does the recipient become happy, but you become happy as well. There are several ways to help. You may help by donating, coaching, listening, counseling, volunteering in your community, and even online.

13. Ask for forgiveness

When you make an apology, you gain freedom and rest for your heart. Asking for forgiveness opens the door for reconciliation and a better relationship. It makes you humble and gentle.

14. Accept people

Accept their uniqueness, different personalities, imperfections, weaknesses, and strengths. Accept their abilities as well as limitations. When you accept others, you open the gate towards love and understanding.

15. Forgive others

Be considerate and patient with others. Forgiving a person will bring peace to both you and that person. Forgiveness heals. Forgiveness drives away your anger, resentment, and hatred.

16. Meditate every day

Meditating connects your spirit to your Maker. It inspires, encourages, and empowers you. Meditating purifies and lifts your soul and spirit. It leads you to a higher level of understanding of yourself, your nature, and others. It adds to your wisdom and fortifies your emotional intelligence.

17. Do things better

Doing things better will add to your gladness. Doing things better will make others around you happy and will make you happy as well.

18. Improve yourself

When you improve yourself and become a better version of yourself, you will become happy because improvement begets happiness.

19. Be grateful for what you have

Being thankful will fill your heart with gladness. Just count your blessings, all that you have, including your emotional and spiritual strengths will make you joyful.

20. Pursue your dreams

Your Maker placed a dream in your heart. A dream that will make you happy, totally satisfied, and content. A dream that is aligned with what you are good at or passionate about. You should be pursuing what you would love to do. That is where you will enjoy, excel, and succeed.

Happiness is not hard to get. RVM said that happiness is a choice. So, choose to be happy. Choose to be happy every day.

Golda Dilema is a self-help book, health and wellness writer. She also writes devotionals and stories for children.

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