5 Wellness Tips To Survive Social Distancing

The pandemic forced the entire world to adapt to new sets of rules, following social distancing measures, self-isolating when traveling, and respecting provincial and feral laws surrounding your social bubble. The entire world has to adapt to the “new normal” until the coronavirus isn’t a threat to society anymore.

Fear and anxiety about what could happen can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Public health actions, such as social distancing, can make people feel isolated and lonely and can increase stress and anxiety. With that being said, you must be tired of hearing the impact of covid on our daily life.

Here are the 5 wellness tips to survive social distancing. 

1. Try new recipes

With all this time at home, you should get creative and become a chef! Try new recipes and explore new ways of cooking with your family or by yourself. Making good, healthy, and warm food will keep you busy and will give you the comfort you need during this stressful time. Preparing home-cooked meals is one of the best ways to eat healthy because you have complete control over which ingredients you use. Try a google search for creative recipes with unique foods that you don’t typically include on your grocery list. 

2. Get off social media

When staying at home for long periods of time, you can easily get trapped in this boring cycle and getting stuck on social media reminiscing about the fun times you had before this pandemic. Even though social media is an entertaining and easy way to pass time, being on your phone for hours and hours can take a toll on your mental health. Try spending less time online and get crafty at home, talk to your friends and family and recharge your social battery. 

3. Workout Regularly

Maintaining daily physical activities is a must when you are isolated at home. During stressful times, it’s important to remember that some physical activity is better than none. Get ahead on your summer body goals and workout at home. From dancing to your favorite music to lifting weights, any form of physical activity is highly recommended and will boost your serotonin levels!

Physical activity can provide immediate benefits. Physical activity can help to boost your mood, reduce stress, improve sleep, and sharpen your focus. Individuals can still go for a run, cycle, or walk their dog while maintaining a six-foot distance from others. Those quarantined can do a wide range of exercises at home without equipment like yoga, online workout videos, and virtual group exercise sessions with friends.

4. Make a daily plan 

Structure your days. Indeed, working from home probably completely changed your daily routine nevertheless, creating and following a daily schedule and routine can help keep stress at bay and provide a sense of normalcy during social distancing. Create a personal schedule that includes regular work hours, school work for the kids (if you have any), time to exercise, daily chores, and most importantly; time to relax.

5. Get creative and artsy

Finally, get creative! Pick up a new activity, try painting, sculpting, drawing, or even playing around with new software. During this boring time in your life, try utilizing your time and learn a new skill. Maintaining social connections is one of the most important things you can do to support your own mental health as well as the mental health of others, especially during this challenging time.

While keeping our social distance is crucial to protect ourselves and others during the pandemic, there are many creative ways to stay virtually connected to friends and family and practice self-care. I know it sounds easier said than done but trust me, you will feel so accomplished picking up a new activity.

wellness tips for social distancing
image source: pexels

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