Digital Fitness Is The Way To Home Workout

At-home workout trends with a digital touch via on-demand online video classes

Staying at home is now becoming a routine. The fitness industry is not going to take this as a setback. The health and wellness sector has been evolving with the advancements of technology. Just like fitness wearables are not new to us anymore, digital fitness is here to amuse us.

And it is here to stay! Health and wellness is a 4.2 trillion dollar industry worldwide. Fitness is facing massive growth in digital fitness and out-of-studio experiences. Renowned and notable fitness studios are creating awareness and building brand reputation by loyal customers. 

The history of home-workouts goes back to preset DVDs and recorded sessions which mostly stay on the dusty racks, untouched. The new way of home-workout has re-created the vision. With the temporary closure of gyms and fitness studios, the home-workout business has seen a boom.

All thanks to IG Lives and YouTube workouts, anyone can get access to the world's best fitness trainers with the help of one click. A recent market research report on opportunities in the global fitness market states, 'the global fitness market is expected to reach an estimated $27.4 billion by 2022'.

Home workout
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Here's why digital fitness will grow in the future:

The millennial lifestyle wants everything to come to them

Millennials are the largest part of the population of the world. They are active and entering a new life stage that demands commitment and multi-tasking. The millennials are also the ones who have seen a new life that is going completely digital. So, what will happen when the fitness-obsessed generation on the planet moves towards parenthood? They will need fitness to come their way. 

This generation is known to be self-conscious who loves to eat right and exercise. As per facts, 76% of millennials exercise at least once a week. They have been the driving force towards the boom of the fitness industry.  As necessity is the need for invention, home-workouts have been the newest thing people are adapting to. It may not be revolutionary but it is indeed beneficial. 

Millennials are settling into the new lifestyle of working from home, parenthood, and much more. This has led to on-demand home-workout sessions. Fitness trainers are using social media and other mediums to conduct exercise sessions. Physical guidance and interaction from a personal trainer give better results but the in-house fitness classes over a video call or a live session have not changed anything.

The trainers have taken this opportunity to grow their business online. Those who still haven't adopted this new way may see a drop-down but having a teacher to work out helps a lot. It has been observed that online workouts have better productivity among individuals. Where everything is from home now, Millennials are investing more time in themselves. This has resulted in successful online sessions and tremendous use of fitness apps. 

There are various gyms conducting live video sessions on social media where they can give personal attention and help individuals. Along with basic sessions, there are some apps that suggest customized sessions based on your preference. Isn't that amazing? 

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Digital fitness has come to our doorsteps and it is hard to stay away from the fitness apps which help to achieve daily goals. The best thing about apps like Google Fit, MyFitnessPal is that they remind you of your goals and show your achievements. To complete small goals on a daily basis can be good for mental health and managing life and adjusting to new routines can be stressful.

To manage the anxiety that comes with such an adjustment, The American Psychological Association recommends developing a daily routine and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to the best of your ability.

Owing to the new adjustments, people have also canceled gym memberships. They say that home-workouts are more inclusive, provide customized targets, and are fun. This adds to the fact that it saves time for going to the gym and back home for other activities of the day. Individuals who have time constraints can easily pick a time without giving up on work schedules. 

Global connectivity and Inclusiveness

The rise of digital fitness and online workout sessions has brought the world together. Social media is a wide platform to build communities and fitness enthusiasts not far away from this concept. Fitness freaks can find a community based on their area and join in workout sessions from anywhere and anytime.

This not only promotes healthy communication among people of the same interests but also helps in creating awareness. These communities share knowledge and skills with like-minded people. In this way, they can grow and encourage more individuals to exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle. 

Apart from fitness professionals who are making the best use of social media, there are social media influencers who are also creating awareness through these mediums. Hard times have definitely proved fruitful and innovative for the creators to use social media at its best. Fitness freaks on social media have created niche communities where members share updates and goals. They motivate other members and also try to expand the community by bringing in new people. 

Technology has accelerated slowly and top brands like Nike, Apple, Peloton, etc. are introducing online services to meet consumers for a better experience. These digital services are available worldwide and anyone can access them from anywhere, anytime. A major advantage of the fitness industry going online is that the less privileged can get world services from the best professional trainers. 

A brand like Peloton is offering a digital-only subscription that offers access to live and on-demand classes through personal devices. With digital services where you can access programs like yoga, meditation, boot camp, and much more with detailed metrics and progress, it helps the subscribers to manage their schedule for the day.

"Home workouts allow me to sleep a little more. I can exercise in my own time without worrying about a crowded gym", says a fitness enthusiast who is loving the new home workout routine.

The at-home workout trend isn't new but it is definitely rising with the digital touch on it. As the industry progresses with new advancements to fulfill consumer demands, home workouts aren't going anywhere. Meanwhile, let's use a fitness app to achieve the small goals of covering 10,000 steps a day.

So, if you wished to try a new workout routine, now is the time. Look out for the best online workout videos and experiment every day. There is no commitment, no subscription involved. You just need to take out time and work hard. 

Following are some of the best home-workouts videos you can find on Instagram:

  • Sam Ostwald

A fitness trainer with Free People, a New York City-based fitness channel that provides training from beginners to advanced level. You can follow her on youtube for easy and short workout routines at home. Check out her youtube channel for fun and free dance workout videos.

  • Katia Pryce

Founder and CEO of Dance Body, the New York City-based fitness studio shares her fitness routines and powerful workout videos on her Instagram.
You can also catch her live workout videos or on-demand workout routines.

View this post on Instagram

Try this quick 3 minute ab series with long, lean moves to tone up the entire core. ????You will see moves just like these in our UpperBody 30-Day Program: methodical movement, to the beat, etching that definition. ????Want more? Check out our DanceBody 30-Day Programs, and daily LIVE + On Demand workouts ???? Use code DBHALFOFF for 50% off your first 2 months or try our FREE 7-Day trial • Outfit: @lululemon

A post shared by Katia Pryce (@katia_dancebody) on

  • Chelsea Peirs Fitness

This fitness club from New York City streams daily online fitness classes and uploads workout routines with the rotation of different fitness trainers on their Instagram account. You can get free access to these videos by simply following them on social media. 

View this post on Instagram

#re-post here's a HIIT workout from CPF instructor @melorastormm to whip you back into shape after the holiday weekend! ???? check out her account for more fitness tips (and hilarious tiktoks ????).⁣ ⁣ HIIT IT ????????????⁣ .⁣ .⁣ Here’s a 45 minute HIIT workout that works it all!! Total body❗️Speed❗️Strength❗️Functional❗️Cardio❗️⁣ .⁣ Set 1️⃣: 3 rounds : 45s ON 15s OFF⁣ •Pike Push Ups⁣ •Inchworm to Push-up⁣ •Punches for Jesus (as many as you can, as hard as you can)⁣ 2 MIN REST⁣ Set 2️⃣: 3 rounds : 45s ON 15s OFF⁣ •Runners Lunge⁣ •Sprinters Crunch⁣ •Oblique Twist to Toe Taps⁣ 2 MIN REST⁣ Set 3️⃣: 3 rounds : 45s ON 15s OFF⁣ •Jump Lunges⁣ •Ice Skaters⁣ •Squat to Lateral Kick⁣ .⁣ .⁣ If you need to modify you can do 30s ON 30s OFF. You can take the jump out of movements but make sure you’re not dragging!! You only have 45 seconds to make a difference. DM me for more modifications and/or questions and good luck!! ????????????????????⁣ ⁣ #fitness #playwithpurpose #freefitness #quarantine #quarantinefitness #athomeworkout #stayathome #fitnessathome #bodyweight #quarantoned #virtualfitness #fitnesstips #fitfam #fitnesscommunity #wellnesscommunity #wellness #hiit

A post shared by Chelsea Piers Fitness (@chelseapiersfitness) on


AARMY provides daily revolutionary coaching experience with boot camps and Cycle practice on their Instagram IGTV. To gain a wonderful experience of home-workout, you must try this routine for positive results.

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“You’re limitless. This AARMY always shows up!” Train with @sophianichole, now on #AARMY On-Demand!

A post shared by AARMY (@aarmy) on

  • Andrea Rogers

Andrea uploads short videos on her Instagram for a quick workout which you can practice daily in between work breaks and anywhere in the house.

View this post on Instagram

Any up for a little coffee break? ☕️ Try these moves today and focus on form focused movement. Make every rep count. Happy Xtending! ???? . #xtendbarre #barreworkout #pilates #fittips #workoutanywhere #makeithappen #justpressplay #movewithgratitude

A post shared by Andrea Rogers (@andreaxtendbarre) on

Who thought Instagram could be so much? Right from scrolling memes for hours, it is now your go-to gym. You'll find various workout videos for free according to your interest.

I've been following a few of the best fitness trainers and it has helped me a lot. It motivates me to get up everyday and workout. Be it small routines on my bed or full-power session at home. It's a great way to be fit with the help of online resources.

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