Helpful Tips On Becoming A Nicer Person And Feel Great Doing It

Who wouldn't want to be a nice and caring person? Nice and caring people feel great about themselves. They share their kindness with the world because they have good hearts. People with high self-esteem and confidence treat others in a generous and caring way. 

On the other hand, some people think being nice is a sign of weakness. Others see nice people as vulnerable individuals and push-overs. Some people believe nice people are people pleasers and are playing nice to get what they want.

Although this may feel true, there are many reasons why someone would want to become a nicer person. Nice people help others when they are in need. They are always there for you when you need them. When you are a nice person, people respect and appreciate you. Besides, people hang around those that are nice and caring instead of those that are bitter and mean. 

Whatever your reason might be for wanting to become a nicer person, you've come to the right place.

Here are the tips on how to become nice and feel great about yourself. 

1. Help Those That Are In Need To Become A Nicer Person

Helping those that are in need is a great way to become a nicer person. Generous people are caring by nature, so they help those that need it the most. When you help others that are in need, it shows you are a sweet and helpful person. Who wouldn't want to be around someone that's caring, helpful, and sweet? 

Some ways you can help others are by holding the door for someone, volunteering in your neighborhood, donating clothes to the Salvation Army, or donating money to a local charity. Within this massive world, there are so many things you can do to help others.

Helping others without receiving anything in return is something a nice person would do. When you help others, it'll make you feel great about yourself. Helping others can create a stronger and happier community.

Help others by giving your time and energy to people that need it.

help those that are in need to become nice person
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2. Smile At Others Often To Become A Nicer Person 

Ever heard of the saying smiling can be contagious? Smiling is something generous people love to do. When you smile at someone, you can bring joy to their day. It can elevate anyone's mood. Moreover, smiling makes us feel good about ourselves. It can be a special moment for anyone. When you have the opportunity, smile at someone. It will generate positive emotions within you. 

Smiling makes you feel happier, reduces stress, and can make others feel great about themselves. Furthermore, when you smile, people are likely to trust you. 

smile often to become a nicer perso
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3. Give Someone A Compliment Whenever You Feel Like It

Giving someone a compliment is an awesome way to become a nicer person. When you pay someone a compliment, it can make them feel good about themselves. I love to give and receive compliments in return; who doesn't? It can elevate anyone's mood. People with high self-esteem are likely to accept compliments than those that have low self-esteem. 

With this in mind, start giving compliments to others; even to people, you don't know. If you admire someone's stylish hairdo, compliment them. If you adore someone's unique style, compliment them. Let that person know in the kindest way possible. Who knows; you'll probably get a compliment in return. 

However, you don't always have to compliment someone's appearance. You can compliment someone's beautiful personality, their ability to do things, their intelligence, or achievements. Think of something nice you can say to someone to make their day better. A compliment can create a long-lasting effect, so give a compliment to someone every day.

4. Don't Talk Poorly About Others If You Want To Be A Nice Person 

We've all been guilty of talking poorly about others; including me. There are times we want to gossip and get something off our chest. However, if you want to become a nicer person, you should avoid talking negatively about others. One day that person will find out and it will hurt their feelings. Stopping yourself from gossiping about others can be a challenging task, but you'll have to restrain yourself from speaking poorly if you want to become a nicer person. 

Besides, gossiping and talking poorly about others can lead to trouble. Things can get heated and escalate because of gossip. So, it is important to be mindful of what you say if you want to become a nicer person. Perhaps you can turn a negative comment into something positive. If you feel the need to say anything negative, keep it to yourself or tell someone that you trust. 

It's best not to say anything at all, but as humans, we talk. Therefore, just be mindful of what you say. In addition, no one wants to be around someone that's always gossiping and being pessimistic about others.

Be a nice person by not talking poorly about others. If you don't like being gossiped about, don't do it to others. 

stop talking poorly about others to become nicer
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5. Take Interest In Other People's Lives To Become A Nicer Person 

Taking the time to get to know others can make them feel appreciated. By doing this, you are telling them that you care. Taking interest in other people's lives can make you feel good about yourself. You can show you are a generous person by asking someone about their day or by getting to know them. You can ask about their hobbies, their talents, things that make them elated, or something as simple as their favorite color. Take part in activities they enjoy.

Taking the time to get to know someone shows you are a trustworthy and generous person. Avoid talking about their past unless they're willing to. Get to know them for who they are now. 

6. Share With Others To Become A Nicer Person 

Similarly to helping someone that is in need, sharing is a good way to become a generous person. When we were children, we were taught sharing was caring. Sharing with others can help us live healthier lives. It can also create happiness within ourselves and other people. When you share amongst a large group of people, instead of one individual, you're likely to be satisfied with the deed. 

You can share your thoughts, experiences, ideas, and feelings with others. This will allow others to open up to you more. By doing this, you will be considered a kind person. 

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7. Respect Others And Their Opinions To Be Kind 

In life, we don't always agree with others. When a disagreement escalates, it can lead to a physical brawl, name-calling, followed by feelings of regret. Even though it's hard to avoid brawls, it is possible. When a nice person has a disagreement with someone, they respect the other person's feelings and thoughts. Even though they may not always agree with the other person, there is mutual respect for everyone. 

It's okay to get into arguments and disagreements; especially when you have strong beliefs. However, it is important to respect the other person's thoughts and differences. There is no need to worry about who is right or wrong. As long as you can respect the other person's opinions and thoughts, everything will fall into place. 

8. Listen To Others When They Are Communicating

Isn't it dreadful when someone continuously talks over you? Nice people listen to others when they talk. It's important to let the other person finish their sentence because you interject. When you actively listen to others, it shows you are willing to listen to the person's concerns. It also shows you are generous and you care. 

Your goal is to make the person feel appreciated, so it's important to listen to them when they express their thoughts and feelings. Making eye contact, opening your ears, and nodding your head as they speak shows you are engaging in the conversation. You'll have a better understanding of the other person as they speak. People trust and respect you when you listen to what they have to say. 

listen to others to become nicer person
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In the end, being a kind and pleasant person pays off in the end. People will respect you, label you as trustworthy, and will enjoy your company. Whatever your reason might be for becoming a nicer person, you can create a happier society and bring brighter days ahead.

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