The Top 10 Ways You Can Embrace And Celebrate Who You Are

From our earliest childhood memories to the times in adulthood that leave the deepest impressions on us, society has seemingly written our story for us. Society’s story unfolds in a way that is often out of our realm of control.

How does society mold you as a person?

It is written time and time again that unless we fit a certain mold, we are worthless. Unless we look or act a certain way or come from a certain background, we are different, weird, and unworthy of care and attention.

Society tells us what we are, and then society tells us what we should be and what we should strive for, pointing out all our flaws and imperfections along the way.

This story is a tale as old as time. Human beings have eternally been told that they are not good enough the way that they are, that there are improvements that could be made, necessary adjustments that must be implemented in order to be good enough.

We are told that we must be a certain size and shape, we must come from a certain country, we must practice a certain religion, we must be affiliated with a certain political party, we must act and dress a certain way.

The rules and regulations set by society are strangling. They are limiting. They are built to keep you in a box, to prevent you from reaching your full potential. Society has set a boundary for what greatness looks like, and if you strive for greatness in a different way, you are cast aside.

Why is being different good?

We are often told that being different is a negative thing; something to avoid at all costs. Society has taught us to be like everyone else, look and act a certain way and emulate a certain type of person.

However, this is what creates monotony. Being the same as the person next to you is boring; it doesn’t add any value to the world other than the bare minimum. Trying to be someone you do not hinder you and holds you back from what you are truly capable of.

Real magic and beauty are held in standing out from the crowd and accepting your differences as unique qualities that make up who you are.

Being different allows for creativity and ingenuity, innovation and revolution, individuality and identity.

Every quality of yours is your personal makeup; when celebrated and brought into the spotlight, your qualities shine and thrive and become that much more magnificent. Who you are, deserves to be celebrated.

Here are the top 10 ways you can embrace and celebrate who you are.

1. Make a list of your strengths

listing your strengths
image source: careerdiem

Every human on the face of this planet has their own unique set of strengths, whether they are learned or inherent.

Make a list on your phone or with a pen and paper of all the strengths encompassed by you. Think of anything and everything you excel at. This can be anything from communicating with people to painting to leading meetings at work.

Create your list and add to it over time as you gain new skills or build upon strengths you already have. This list is something you can go back to when you’re feeling lost when you feel as though you’ve lost sight of who you are. This will bring you back to yourself.

2. Treat yourself regularly

treat yourself with a spa
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The well-known and beloved Parks and Recreation episode couldn’t have said it better: “Treat yourself.” The catchy and comical phrase repeatedly proclaimed by Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle actually holds a great deal of wisdom.

When you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the things in life that make you feel most like yourself, you are truly celebrating who you are. You are allowing yourself the ability to be unencumbered and uninhibited. You are allowing yourself to be free.

Find what you love, what brings you joy, what makes you smile, and as often as you can, within the breadth of your means and resources, do those things. Consume those things, take part in them, allow yourself to have them. “Treat yo self.”

3. Find a job you love

find a job you love
image source: lifesize

One of the best ways to salute your true self is by immersing yourself in a work environment that aligns with your values. If the professional culture in your workspace is off-kilter compared to your personal beliefs and strengths, you will feel like something is missing and you will not be able to exude your full self.

Our jobs are where we spend the majority of our time, so we must find a place that brings us joy. Of course, compensation and benefits are absolutely imperative, but aside, the culture and environment and people in the workplace play a huge role in being yourself.

If your company has a culture that aligns with your strengths and values, you’re more able to throw yourself into your work, play upon your strengths, and perform in the best way you know possible. This will make you feel like your most authentic self, giving you the ability to embrace who you are.

4. Join an organization that’s close to your heart

Join an organization that’s close to your heart

Volunteering is one of the best ways to tap into your heart center. By volunteering, you are offering your time, yourself, and your skills to people and organizations in need.

Becoming a part of an organization that you feel strongly about allows you to join a community of like-minded individuals who are fighting for a cause that touches your heart. You are part of a group of people who care about the same issue that you do, and this is a great way to further learn about yourself and celebrate yourself.

We each have hot button issues that are near and dear to us. Some people care about animals, some people are passionate about feeding or housing the homeless, some people are passionate about educating the underprivileged, or spreading feminist ideology.

We all have something we’re passionate about, and that passion shines a light on who we are. Light the candle, fan the flame, and do something that’s meaningful to you by becoming a part of a group that means something to you.

5. Take an ancestry/DNA test

DNA test
image source: innerbody

Ancestry and DNA tests shed more insight into your cultural background and link you to extended family members. They reveal more of your ancestral history and bring knowledge and awareness to possibly unknown cultural backgrounds.

Taking a test like this will most likely inform you of something you were unaware of. Maybe you have ties to Africa dating back 10,000 years ago. Maybe you have Italian in your blood that you didn’t know was there. You never know until what you might find.

Knowing more about your cultural background affords you peace of mind, understanding, and sometimes closure, depending on what it is you’re trying to find out. If you don’t know your background but have curiosity, take a test; you never know what your saliva will reveal.

6. Read up on your culture

understanding different cultures
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If you have a decent understanding of your background, where you come from, and your family ties, do some research to find out more about your heritage.

Many cultures have deep and beautiful histories, so it would benefit anyone to learn about the customs and practices of their personal culture.

Learning and exploring more deeply into your roots is an excellent way to not only learn more about your heritage and family but to embrace what you find and understand how it plays a part in who you are.

Heritage and culture are a facet of yourself worth bringing light to, and by embracing your cultural background, you’re able to more clearly define who you are and honor that.

7. Strengthen your bond with family members

spending a good time with family
image source: cdnparenting

This can be slightly controversial, in that not all individuals relate to their blood family; often we find ourselves choosing who our family is when our blood relatives are not necessarily in our lives.

However, if you are close with your family, take the opportunity to spend some time with them. Call your mom, make plans with your brother, get lunch with your grandmother, invite your cousin over for drinks.

Getting to know the people who share your DNA is a great way to learn more about the past, and as a result, get a better read on the present. Understanding those you’re related to gives you more insight into yourself and gifts you the ability to celebrate who you are.

8. Participate in hobbies

painting as a hobby

As individuals, we each have our own specific hobbies we enjoy. Some people knit, some play basketball, some blog, and some make Instagram accounts for the cats. Our hobbies are unique to us because they stem from what we enjoy doing, and they are a reflection of our personalities.

Allowing yourself to participate in your favorite hobbies is a great outlet for experiencing true self-expression. Doing what you love brings you closest to your true, authentic self, so practicing this regularly is not only healthy but necessary.

Find whatever it is you enjoy doing and do more of it. Hobbies shine a light on the aspects of yourself you didn’t know were there, and by doing so, provide you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and grow into who you are. Celebrate this growth through hobbies.

9. Express your individuality every day

expressing yourself through fashion

There are unending ways to express your individuality. This could be anything from dying your hair to painting your nails, wearing a certain color, piercing your nose, blasting the music in your car, taking your cat for a walk on a leash, taking a painting class. An action that shouts who you are and what you’re all about.

Anything that shows the world a side of who you are is self-expression. And allowing the world to see this side of you is a beautiful thing because this shows vulnerability, trust, and self-acceptance.

Find ways every day to show the world who you are. Celebrate who you are, what you’re about, what makes you unique, and give the gift of who you are to those around you.

10. Spend time with close friends

Spending time with close friends
image source: theladders

No one knows you better than your friends. By spending time with close friends, you will strengthen these bonds, and you will become more open and willing to learn their perspectives on you.

You may see yourself as closed off and curt, but your friend may see you as tough and careful of who you share your heart with. These two perspectives sound similar, but they’re unique through the lens of each individual.

Allow yourself to be open to viewing yourself the way your friends view you. This will allow you to experience vulnerability and awareness you didn’t know was there and will give you the gift of seeing yourself through a different set of eyes.

Embrace this version of yourself; it’s often more positive than the way you tend to think of yourself. We are our harshest critics, and our friends are the angel on our shoulders whispering their truths about us into our ears. Listen: you’ll learn a truth other than your own.

Write these 10 tips down. Save this article. Take screenshots of what stood out to you the most. These 10 ways you can celebrate and embrace who you are will open your heart and mind to different sides of yourself.

You are so much more than what you initially think, and you have so much to offer the world. Open yourself up to learning all about who you are and celebrate every quality. Embrace, celebrate, and love who you are.

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Eden is a 26-year-old Aries who loves learning and exploring mental health, self-love, self-care, and eating disorder recovery.

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