Unmasking The Meaning Of Beauty In The New Normal

A quick glance at all the beauty trends that are now on the rise, keeping in terms with the current pandemic routine.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the definition of normal for the entire world. From the economy to our daily household activities, all things have been made to change to accommodate the new normal that the pandemic has brought on, and the beauty industry is no exception. With face masks becoming a mandatory accessory, a lot of beauty trends and products, especially lipsticks, have taken a back seat. 

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But even in these unprecedented times, all hope may not be lost for the beauty industry. Where a lot of beauty trends are now talk of the past, some beauty trends looks like they are here to stay for a long time. 

During this pandemic, people have found new ways to express themselves in all walks of our lives. With the increase use of social media, video calling, and masks becoming a necessity, the approach towards self-expression through makeup has been all about focusing on the details and why people use what they use when it comes to makeup. 

One of the biggest shifts in the beauty industry that can be noted is how people are moving away from complicated, layered and over-the-top beauty looks to something more minimal. The new normal has seen a shift from categories like foundations to a trend towards lighter-wear makeup products, like a concealer.

Regular video calling is making people realise that they don’t always have to rely on filters or a HD foundation to look good, their natural skin tone is good enough. This shift is making a lot of people comfortable in their own skin and owning up to their natural beauty. 

At a time, when people are abandoning their pigmented lipsticks and heavy foundations, there has been a huge surge in the sale of eye-makeup. This surge doesn’t come as a surprise, as with the mask mandate in place, the women have been experimenting and putting a greater emphasis on their eyes.  

During the pandemic, a lot of focus is being shifted towards the eyes as they are an even more important tool of personal expression than they were before. A lot of people feel how the eye brows are the frame to a person’s soul and is one of the most prominent features on the Indian skin because of their deep black colour. This further explains how sometimes only mascara is enough to add the glam factor to your look and make your eyes do all the talking. 

With everyone going back to basics and wearing masks, makeup has slowly transitioned into the non-essential role and the it’s the eyes that do all the talking. For those who are likely to stick to the technique and trend are found experimenting with dramatic & bold colour combinations, and for those who choose to carry a more bare-faced & natural look usually experiments with neutral shades with a bold eyeliner to add a statement.

When it comes to dramatic and bold colour combinations, summer eye trends can come in very handy during this time. Coloured eyeliners and coloured mascaras can be a go to. A touch of pop in the eyes can be a complete look in itself. If you want to opt for a classier eye makeup look, a touch of bronze and gold eye shadow can be very versatile from day to evening. Eyes are the way to a person’s soul, so let your inner self shine through your eyes by defining them with white or black kohl.

It’s not just eye makeup that’s seeing a huge fan base, but a lot of hair products as well. Hair being another visible aspect of our whole look, can be played around with bandanas, scarfs and other accessories to add that X factor.

With such an unprecedented outbreak, these changes might have felt forceful but eventually they have settled in quite well with the consumers and seems like they are here to stay for a long time. 

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