Manifesting The T.V Show "manifest"

I would like to know what happened during the flight 828 while it disappeared.
Manifesting The T.V Show "Manifest"
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The leading actor Josh Dallas has continued to keep the fanbase of the canceled television show called Manifest updated during their fight towards bringing back to life the mystery of the disappearance of Flight 828.

Despite being canceled by the NBC Network, it has been on watchful eyes elsewhere on Netflix where passionate fans are awaiting its resurrection. Back in New York City, the creator Jeff Rake and his fanbase of the #SaveManifest movement are endlessly fighting to keep the show Manifest alive for the next Season 4 while surprisedly, Manifest had moved to Netflix where it became the most viewed television show. 

There are 9 episodes of the television show Manifest in Season 1 where the NBC Network was supposed to broadcast 13th episodes but allowed the television show to be prolonged for a 16th episode season instead.

The television show Manifest is about dealing with the most bizarre changes in the most positive way possible by revisiting old cultural concepts our modern world has either forgotten or chosen to explore its themes in a rather melodramatic than a mundane way.

Manifest is a television show about Ben Stone played by Josh Dallas's family going on vacation before they start dealing with their own personal problems and decisions. However, there was a complication on the flight that they were supposed to be on so Ben Stone's family divided themselves into groups where one group would take the first flight back home and the second flight will go right after.

Ben Stone, his sister Michaela played by actress Melissa Roxburgh and his son Cal played by Jack Messina who is Olive's twin brother went on the plane flight 828 which underwent some sort of strange and spiritual turbulence and ended up disappearing for 5 years and came back!

Since then Ben Stone, his sister, and his son along with the other passengers on flight 828 starts to experience paranormal activity that they began to refer to as "callings" that begins to rip apart their personal lives and yet continues to bring them together with the other passengers to discover the mysteries of the world that is known only biblically.

The "callings" that they experience help them help other passengers that they are led to in ways that get both personal and sometimes refer just towards the plane flight 828 itself.

The "callings" urge them to question their personal beliefs which beautifully displays the way the world has been at such a time where we are questioning the simplest things because we become so uncertain of our surroundings such as the slow rising of gun violence and the public unfolding of racism. 

All televisions shows have a way to help their viewers understand their lives and the world around them and Manifest is no different where it displays how some people react to the "callings" and others simply don't. 

The "callings" request Ben Stone who is a professor of Mathematics to use his logical mind to rethink his ideas about religion and faith whereas it reaffirms his sister Michaela Stone's belief in faith and their relationship evolves from a distant place and grows stronger as they learn what these "callings" are and what they are supposed to do with them if not follow them.

It seems that organized religion is not something most people feel they need to believe in so the television show Manifest highlights not only people's lack of faith but a reintroduction to faith in a more open-minded way where a group of people experienced something that was out of their control and throughout the television show Manifest, all of the passengers of plane Flight 828 coming together to fulfill some part of their lives that has been wronged or incomplete.

However, it also shows a much darker side to religious thinking when one of the passengers that were on the plane flight 828, who already have a terrible history had taken on a fake persona and used their "callings" to draw in fame such as the cult leader who nearly go everyone killed in a club scene.

When Ben Stone's daughter Olive was drawn into a cult and nearly got killed or when Angelina Meyer who is played by actress Holly Taylor begins to lose her mind slowly after she was rescued from being imprisoned by her religious family for having visions that were seen as bad and later endangering Eden, Olive's baby sister because she believes that a baby is her guardian angel, a deity, so she sets the room on fire hopping Eden would stop it calling it a trial by fire which led her to kidnap the baby after. 

Then besides the cult leaders, there are those who do not believe in what they can not experience themselves which leads them to hate who is different or what they can not control such the as government who also wishes to understand what happened to the plane flight 828 by disapproving the paranormal activity of the "calling"  by using scientific methods.

It was a really long time before most people started to trust the authority that is supposed to honor and protect them such as reconsidering one thought on gun control for the past 4 years of increased gun violence and becoming a voter in an upcoming election.

Religiously, these " callings" have led them to explore major religious themes such as reincarnation and resurrection which are not as popular or publicly discussed as openly in this modern world as it was centuries ago.

Ben Stone's daughter Olive played by Luna Blaise helps them understand their "callings" that later in the show came to them in visions through research that introduced them to similar situations that have happened before.

Before Manifest was canceled Ben Stone's character was being compared to Noah such as Noah's ark but not in the way this character was portrayed biblically.

I wish I could say more but before Manifest could explore the much deeper parts of the source of their "callings" of their mystery, the network NBC canceled the show.

I am a writer, journal keeper and a believer in many things.

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