TV Romances That Make The Entire Series Completely Binge-Worthy

There’s just something about a budding romance that sucks in a viewer and keeps them coming back for more. These TV shows deliver just that.

Television is a treasure trove of content and there’s something for everybody. With the way streaming services have flourished, there are more options than ever for what to watch. While my choices range across a vast spectrum, I wanted to take a moment to highlight those TV romances that make the entire series not only worth watching but completely binge-worthy. I know because I’ve binged and I’ve binged hard on all of them.

You know the type. One shared moment in an early episode that makes you wonder what happens next and then they keep you dangling, waiting for stolen glances and brief encounters that make your heart want to scream “JUST BE TOGETHER ALREADY!!!”

Peppered with missed opportunities, random circumstances, and even a few mishaps, they keep what we so desperately want just out of reach. We watch with bated breath for two characters to finally be together.

Here are the recommendations for TV Romances that make the entire series completely Binge-Worthy.

1. New Girl - Nick & Jess, Cece & Schmidt too

In this series, we get to watch two people who have just met develop a friendship and eventually fall in love. They keep us on the hook for six full seasons with the will they/won’t they as Nick and Jess figure out how they feel about each other, love each other at the wrong times, and date other people. The way their friendship develops is the heartwarming stuff of dreams and watching the banter as they fall in love is downright giggly.

Not to be outdone, from the first episode Schmidt is smitten with Cece and the pursuit begins. While his devotion is clear, there are enough unfortunate turns of fate to keep us guessing.

New Girl's Schmidt & Cece wrapped in blankets

While all this is going on, the series delivers with great storylines and witty comedy. Parts of it will tear at your heartstrings, but there will be plenty of laughs.

2. Gossip Girl - Blair & Chuck

Gossip Girl's Blair & Chuck making out in limo.
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Gossip Girl delivers non-stop drama, none more enthralling than the scandalous love affair between Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. While they scheme together aplenty, they go through periods of loving and full-out loathing each other. Sometimes, they’re downright cruel. Here and there they seem so desperate you almost feel for them, but then you remember they're uber-rich teenagers and you get over it. These two keep us on the hook till the very end.

The series has enough other drama, and a few less interesting romances, going on to keep you intrigued while you’re wondering what happens next with Chuck and Blair.

3. Vampire Diaries – Damon & Elena

There’s nothing quite like stealing your brother’s girl, is there? Damon is the guy everybody loves to hate. Vampire Diaries was my most recent TV bender and I started it slowly enough, but once I got an inkling that Damon and Elena might be developing forbidden feelings, I was hooked. Toward the end of Season 1 we start to see things heating up, then we watch a conflicted Elena try to figure things out. And when we finally get what we want? Queue the additional vampire drama. Despite the ups and downs, the heat remains steady between these two. 

It’s exciting, but also heart-wrenching at times because as it turns out maybe Damon isn’t so easy to hate. The series delivers captivating storylines and some laughs, all while making you wonder if vampires really do walk among us.

4. Superstore – Amy & Jonah, but also Dina & Garrett

This 6 season series provides a budding romance between a guy trying to find himself and his married supervisor. To put it plainly, it’s very cute. From the first episode, we know exactly what Jonah wants, but we also know what he doesn’t… Amy is married. Watching him pine is comical and watching Amy debate all her life choices to end up where she was is something a lot of us can probably relate to. The moments are scattered in the early seasons, but the tension is ever-present. Even when Amy gets a job in California, heavy denial kept me watching, and trust me, it was worth it.

We also get to watch the unsuspected romance between assistant store manager, Dina, and employee, Garrett. Casual sex can turn into real feelings and these two prove just that.

Superstore's Dina interrogating Garrett
Source: US Weekly

The series has a fantastic line-up of unique characters that you grow to love and after a few seasons, their antics become so typical that you laugh even harder. You’ll feel like you know them which makes watching even better.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Jake & Amy

Okay, so this one doesn’t take the entire series to give us what we want, but even after we see Jake & Amy get together they keep the laughs coming as we watch them fall more and more in love. Even after we know they’re for real, the banter remains consistent and hilarious.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has an all-star line-up of personalities each more hilarious than the next. The laughs are almost non-stop.

6. Gilmore Girls – Luke & Lorelai

Gilmore Girls Luke and Lorelei kissing
Source: Blogspot

While daughter Rory has a few romances throughout the series, none is as epic as watching Luke & Lorelai being friends, avoiding their feelings and eventually ending up together. Even when we think things couldn’t be more perfect, it all goes awry and what we’ve so desperately wanted is ripped from our grasp. Left extremely wanting, we watch as they slowly make their way back to each other.

A series about the friendship between a single mom and her daughter, Gilmore Girls has all the feels.

7. Parks and Recreation – Ben & Leslie

Parks and Recreation's Ben and Leslie cuddling after their wedding.
Source: Vulture

We’re first introduced to Ben toward the end of season 2 and the first encounter between him and Leslie has the two of them on the opposite ends of a budget issue. The dislike was very real, but they softened quickly. The animosity made for playful banter as they eventually developed feelings for each other.

Another sitcom with a cast of stellar and unique personalities, Parks and Rec will give you heartwarming moments, cringe-worthy embarrassment, and plenty of laughs.

8. Friends – Ross & Rachel, and Monica & Chandler

Friends' Ross and Rachel kissing by the iconic purple door
Source: Digital Spy

There may be no TV romance one-liner more infamous than “WE WERE ON A BREAK!” Monica & Chandler deliver the goods and keep us watching even when we don’t know what is going on with Ross & Rachel. While the latter two can never seem to get it together and indulge in random hook-ups, they also date and fall in love with other people. Even an accidental pregnancy can’t get these two together! So, while Ross & Rachel’s hot mess of a romance is all over the place for 10 seasons, Monica & Chandler give us a mid-series reprieve from the heartache and it makes you feel like you’re watching a fairy tale.

Friends' Monica and Chandler in bed after sleeping together for the first time
Source: Wiki-Fandom

Friends starts in the mid-90s and follows six friends as they go through the trials and tribulations of adulting.

9. The Office – Jim & Pam, but Dwight & Angela too

The Office's Jim and Pam having a loving moment
Source: Bustle

While it’s clear Jim and Pam are smitten, oddballs Dwight & Angela show us that love comes in many forms. With an on and off romance filled with secret sex meet-ups and adultery Dwight & Angela prove that people are so much more than how they outwardly appear. Jim and Pam give us a classic boy meets girl vibe and keep us guessing for 3 seasons, but the suspense ends after that. Dwight & Angela keep us on the hook through the end of the series.

The Office's Dwight and Angela get caught having sex
Source: Fancy Channels

A series so blatantly offensive that they won’t even consider a reboot, tread lightly if you’re easily put off by obnoxious ignorance and disrespectful language. The Office is a classic with tons of laughs and plenty of happy moments, but the dialogue is a thing of the past.

I'm sure this list could go on and on. There's no shortage of TV romances out there, and I've watched all but one of these more than once, just to see these love stories develop. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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