How Are Upcoming Fashion Trends Responsible For The Rise Of Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion can be very problematic and its often because of a lack of understanding in what it actually is and what causes it.

Never in the history of the world has fashion moved as quickly as it does in the digital era. Between Tiktok and Instagram, we now see millions of strangers' outfits a day. We also see how quickly trends can change. 

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Trends are very fun but they can have a detrimental effect on the environment. Companies like Forever 21 and H&M feed off of this. Typically, trends cause Fast Fashion. Any clothing can end up as fast fashion depending on how it's used, really. 

Companies like Forever 21 and H&M are only a few of the hundreds of companies that contribute to fast fashion globally. They follow internet trends very closely and quickly reproduce items. They often create millions of items and sell them at low prices. They will also make them of poorer quality. 

When the trends end, they are often left with a lot of stock. When the pieces go completely out of style for the consumers, they end up in the same place as the leftover stock; oftentimes it's the dump. Some of the pieces might be donated or passed on, but a good amount of time, its thrown out in the end, 

Fast Fashion is one of the largest contributors to pollution. Pieces are thrown out while they still can be used if managed efficiently. They go to the trash because they're out of style or because the consumer no longer wants them, even though they still have use for them.

Fabrics are also made with less and less natural materials. Many manufacturers are switching to man-made plastics for their clothing. Not to say some haven't switched to recycled materials, but many haven't. The creation of fabrics in factories is another contributor to air pollution. 

There’s a lot of ways you can help fight fast fashion. You also have the power to choose more sustainable brands. Another option is to not follow trends! You have so many options out there for how you choose to dress, you shouldn't feel dominated by trends!

In summary, most large brands are often contributing to fast fashion waste because of how they follow trends. They often make too many pieces and can't sell them all before the trend goes out of business.

Courtney is a junior at Montclair State University and is from a small town in Pennsylvania. She loves fashion, reading, art, and history.

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