The Chicest Date Night Fall Fashion Ideas For Curvy Women

Fashion ideas on ways to keep warm and look fabulous on a night out with your bae
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fall fashion ideas for a date night

Whether you’re going to the movies, park, or a fancy restaurant, the goal is to rock your outfit with poise, turn heads, and feel phenomenally gorgeous in your choice of outfit irrespective of your body shape­ — probably the most important. And because it’s chill outside, you also want to keep warm while looking stylish and revealing those curves. Yes, we mean your assets! If you are having a hard time creating a fashion ensemble from your closet, this post is definitely for you.

Get ready to reduce the temperature, because you’re about to get hotter in five…four…three…two…one…FASHION. 

List of fall fashion ideas for curvy women going out for a date night:

1. Make it Cropped but Cozy

cropped cozy sweater for plus size curvy women
image credits: popsugar

You might be thinking, why wear cropped clothing when it’s cold outside? Actually, showing a little bit of skin won’t make you stone cold. Instead, it would amp your look and absolutely give it a sprinkle of cheekiness. We can picture you wearing a cropped high-neck long-sleeve sweater on a woolly wrap skirt, with OTK boots, and then crowning the look with a wide brim boater hat or turban. You might also want to pair your hat and boots with cozy coords, depending on which style works best for you. 

2. Over-sized Shirts And Maxi Dresses 

oversized shirt and maxi dress for plus size curvy women

Maxi clothing is definitely a yay for date night. Also, don’t get rid of your over-sized shirts, because you could create magic out of them. Wearing your oversized shirt with boots and a bucket hat would make a cute ensemble. Alternatively, rocking a maxi dress, boots, and a beret would be a killer outfit. Boots are a must wear this season.

Wearing them would ward off cold feet — perhaps in the most literal sense— during your date. However, if you’ll rather pair your maxi dress with pumps or sandals, go for it! Opting for a body con maxi dress accentuates your curves even more.

maxi dress for plus size women

3. Make a Bold Statement with Blazers And Jeans

Plus size pink blazer and jeans  for date night

Ever tried wearing a pair of jeans and a blazer? Of course, it looked fabulous. This time, try an oversized blazer on a pair of ripped jeans and sneakers. Adding a pair of retro eyeglass and a scarf either placed above your head and knotted below your chin or wrapped around your neck would give the look a touch of finesse and make it more cohesive. Also, wearing a cropped blazer with a pair of high-waist palazzo jeans and ankle boots or trainers would be a perfect mash-up.


4. Top It Off with a Coat

plus size coat

Tell all the ponchos, motorcycle jackets, wool coats, parka jackets, plaid jackets, trench coats and wrap coats in your closet to assemble to your rack, because winter is fast approaching and you have to keep warm while looking stylish.

The fun thing about coats is that they are easy to style and they match almost any outfit, whether it’s coords, gown, skirt, or a pair of jeans. Rocking a pair of sneakers with a coat is absolutely chic, wearing OTK boots or ankle boots is even chicer. Scarves, hats, beanies, turbans, and gloves are a good match for coats. 

plus size coat for date night

5. Don’t Forget the Leggings

plus size leggings  for date night

Every curvy woman needs outfits that make her body pronounced; leggings give that epic sculpting effect. If you want to go for a cozy look, wear a pair of woolly leggings. But if you want to go for a sassy, jaw-dropping look, wear a kick flare leather leggings — plain black leather leggings would do the trick as well.

Black, in particular, has a seductive sophistication that is mesmerizing. The sleek outlook of leather leggings, paired with white sneakers creates an amiable contrast, which is easy on the eye. Also, leggings look fabulous when paired with a sweater, hoodie, jacket, coat, and boots. 

And it’s a wrap. You can create your date night look book from the fashion ideas presented in this post, keeping in mind that they are suggestions. Taking risks and combining various colors and styles is the essence of fashion. If looking unconventional is your forte, then bring it on! Let us know what you think about these fashion ideas. Comment below if you have any suggestions or questions. Oh! One more tip -  crown your look with a smile.

Now It’s time for you to play dress up!

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