How To Efficiently Finish All Your Work In The Least Amount Of Time

Procrastination is something everyone has done regardless if you even know you are doing it.

Remember when you didn't want to do your chores or wanted to push your homework to the last minute. Ah yes, procrastination is the act of postponing something that we do not want to do; we all have different ways of showing procrastination. Do you know what type of procrastinator you are? 

Why do I procrastinate?

Most think the answer is simple; however, on the contrary, procrastination is a mental challenge. There are four procrastination types; All these procrastinators have one thing in common, a lack of concentration. If these descriptions fit your work ethic, spend some time reflecting and thinking about the core reason as to why you might be procrastinating. Understand that you control this issue and always grow past this barrier as you are more powerful than you think.

There are 4 types of procrastinators:

1. The Overachiever

The first being the overachiever who does not have enough time to finish all their tasks. This person may not be intentionally trying to procrastinate as they are struggling with deadlines and not work ethic. This person might need to understand why they can not meet the deadlines and work on their scheduling.

2. The pressure seeker

The second would be the person who likes being under pressure, meaning they envision that their work is done more efficiently and better under the time crunch they put onto themselves. If this sounds like you, an alternative is to set personal deadlines for yourself and put pressure on yourself in a more controlled setting. If you can set a personal deadline earlier than the actual deadline to help endure, you will get your work done on time.

3. The Unmotivated

 The third is the lazy person, and these people know that they are lazy, and it is why their work is not getting accomplished; they instead focus their time that is not as challenging as the task at hand. If this sounds or regards to you, reconsider the work you are doing. If you can change your field of interest, I recommend doing so as you might be unmotivated due to your work's lack of interest.

4. The Commitment issues

The final person is the person who has many ideas and can not commit and follow through on one job and feel as if they must accomplish 1000 different tasks at once. If this is, you understand and reflect as to why you can not commit to something. Identify all the reasons you are holding back and make a conscious decision based on your self-reflection and decide upon an idea. 

Brain waves of concentration; image courtesy 

How can I improve my concentration and efficiently increase productivity?

Many aspects factor into a focused, driven, and concentrated work session, including adequate rest and sleep, no distractions, and set goals to have while working on your tasks. Understanding how hard it is to find your zone of concentration, I have compiled a 6 step checklist that I use to work on my assignments and studies, which have enabled me to maintain a 92% average in my schooling thus far.

1. Ensuring adequate rest and recovery

Before commencing your work, make sure your brain is at rest to ensure the best outcome possible. If you pulled an all-nighter, feel tired or drained, or didn't sleep enough the night prior, take a power nap. Power naps are a short rest time with an allocated rest time. I have found it the most beneficial when I nap for 20-30 minutes; I also make my power nap routine consistent with washing my face, playing a podcast, and sleeping in the same position on my bed.

2. Staying in a positive headspace

Studying and working when you are frustrated gets you nowhere. Studying requires focus, and it is close to impossible to focus when your mind is raging on an unrelated topic. I have found a quick 5-10 minute meditation before my studies have greatly benefited my work and productivity. 

Meditating has been proved beneficial to many and can aid in anxiety and stress relief and improved mental health and function. Please watch this video to build a positive headspace.

3. Maximize your work environment

Having a comfortable and productive workspace is essential as it diminishes your distractions. Think of a place that is minimalistic and somewhere that you can think without being disturbed. I work on my desk with my room door closed with two pencils, an eraser, two pens, and a notebook. I find the less material I bring into my workspace, the less my mind wanders. I also find that an area with less noise helps my focus. If you live with many loud noises, I suggest investing in noise-canceling headphones.

4. Eliminate distractions in your work environment

In addition to the workspace, the other key factor that evokes your concentration is the distractions. Many people like to work in coffee shops with their headphones in their little bubble. However, I do not prefer working here. I find myself reading the menu or looking at the shop's decoration rather than being attentive to my work. I also find that the traffic of customers draws me out of my state of productivity as well. Socialize after you finish your work, not during your work period.

Other technological distractions that keep you from staying productive are electronics, with their constant noise and their ability to immerse you into the connection of millions of others. I find that when I put my phone on, do not disturb I work best. Having my laptop synced to my phone, when I work on my computer, I open google docs and then turn my computer on airplane mode until I finish as google docs do not need an internet connection after it launched.

5. Goal setting and thinking about long term success

I find that when I write or note down my goals, I am more productive. There are many incredible apps that you can use on your electronics. I use both the app and the old fashion pen and paper, as nothing beats the satisfaction of crossing out a task on a piece of paper. I use the paper version when I am in the middle of my studies, and at the end of my day, I update my app. 

6. Making a schedule that will benefit you

Many time increments work exceptionally well with concentration. I use something called the Pomodoro, where I have four study parts, and in between, I take small breaks. After the four elements, I take a more significant break. The science behind this technique is that it allows us enough downtime to understand the content we are learning, staying on topic, and remaining focused. 

7. The art of the Pomodoro Technique

I find when I work indirectly with someone productive, I become more productive myself. This youtube video is by far my favorite as there is no music. However, I feel a slight pressure as someone is also too abundant in front of me. It also helps as there is a timer within the video. 

The person in the video is again using the Pomodoro technique. I have personally found that I work best with no music however, I still need some sort of white noise. Working with someone else who is also actively studying has really benefited me; this is one of my favorites as I use it for a Pomodoro time as well.

Your future is building on the present. You need to be the best version of yourself, meaning you need to overcome your procrastination. Understand that you are entirely in control of your outcomes and that you can enable the best version of yourself and produce the best work. Use this article and reflect on all the key terms mentioned.

Do any of them resonate with you? If yes, make sure you are taking the suggestions and implementing them into your life. I promise, once you understand and apply the changes to your life and make your whole lifestyle revolve around self productivity, your work and happiness will be benefited, and you will be the best possible version of yourself.

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