The Character Breaking Crusade Of Kamala Harris's Vice Presidency

Kamala Harris, both a cultural and political presence is now facing her biggest challenges in the White House as she alongside her president Joe Biden work to change America from the inside out, the cyber bulling has started.

I always wondered if I would see a woman as president since women do everything else so that a man can do his share smoothly. So what I watched an Indian and Jamaican woman, Mrs. Kamala Harris, to be made Vice President had shown me that, that social change of women was already here and it was here to stay. 

Born from activists who migrated from India and Jamaica, Vice President Kamala Harris grew up with a purpose of virtue in serving others and in making sure to build a foundation where others can be sure to follow in making a future for themselves and others.

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When she became Chief of the Division on Children and families where she helped in child sexual assault cases and made a first-of-its-kind program to assist drug offenders to get a high school degree in order to find employment so they can become profitable citizens.

When Vice President Kamala Harris became United States Senate in 2017, she took a stand with immigrants who were being attacked and undeserved so she made sure there were better living conditions at the immigrant detention centers for them.

Vice President Kamala Harris's history with Power has never been self-serving

So one must wonder why her laugh become so notorious and is now the highlight of her Vice Presidency according to V.P Kamala Harris laughs when asked about Tragedy in Afghanistan The New York Post by Lee Brown with Wire Post?

Whereas Congressman Rep. Rubin Gallego of Arizona who is currently being investigated decides to encourage the evacuation through gritted teeth, "Just put them on a f*king planes and get them out go there" stated in Congressman - calls the U.S to evacuate Afghans refugees -  by Bryan Metzger, after the Taliban conquered Afghanistan.

Many Afghans were then trying to leave their own country which made boarding airplanes at Kabul airport a life and death situation. Vice President Kamala Harris has indeed made it clear that Afghanistan is our President Joe Biden's top priority. 

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There was also a false story of a copy of vice president Kamala Harris’s book being given to children who are arriving at the border that a New York Post Reporter was asked to write about. The New York Post Laura Italiano had decided to quit her job because of this.

Meanwhile, a couple of days before April 23rd the New York Post had published a saying that Kamala Harris’s 2019 Children’s picture book, Superheroes are Everywhere is being given to children on the border welcoming them to America.

Finally, it was declared by the Official of the State that only one book was left to a bunch of Children migrating to America as a token of becoming an American. As the article of the fake book down from The New York Post’s website, The Washington Post spoke out clearly about how the book ended up in the Long Beach Facility.

As she left her job as a New York Post reporter, Laura Italiano wrote on her Twitter account of her departure, “ Today I handed my resignation into my editors sat the New York Post. The Kamala Harris story – an incorrect story I was ordered to write and which I failed to push back hard enough against- was my breaking point.”  

Laura Italiano is a hero in her own right to go against a certain public scrutinizes that is going against the useful changes that America is currently undergoing.

According to a couple of people surrounding Joe Biden’s administration, there has been some miscommunication among those who do not want to share ideas and make solutions among staff members.

Even though the White House has objected to the claims that the uncooperativeness among the staff members of Joe Biden‘s presidency is because of Kamal Harris, it is said that there is a rigid state of mind when it comes to how best to assist Kamala Harris’s Vice Presidency as if she cant lead her own team. In the meanwhile, she has been making small trips to get the administration polices get underway.

There is no reason to tear down a proven record go legislative reputation

Because of all the distressing news of fighting and miscommunication among Kamala Harris’s vice presidency, there are those who are close to them who say it’s an exaggeration.

Sabrina Singh a deputy press secretary to Kamala Harris has spoken quite fondly of her as a driving force as a part of the Joe Biden’s policies which she is working fiercely though, “The vice president and her office are focused on the Biden- Harris administration’s agenda to build an economy from the middle out and the bottom up, not and the bottom up, not the top to make sure racial equity is at the core of everything the administration does, to combatting the existential threat of climate change and to continue protecting the American people from the Covid- 19 pandemic.”

The top white house official comes to the aid of defending Kamal Harris saying that the concerns of the inner turmoil of Joe Biden’s administration are simply untrue while Rok Klien, Joe Biden Chief of Staff says “ The results speak for themselves, a decline of border arrivals from the triangle border, improve vaccine equity and increased economic opportunity for a woman.

Anyone who has the honor of working closely with the vice president knows her talents and determination have made a house difference in this administration already.

president USA Joe Biden Kamala harris

While it seems that the trip to the U.S – Mexico border was a disaster because it seems to be not only a momentous decision but some claimed that she either did not want to be there or could not answer questions from the reporters because her responses were vague but simply put but it has become clear that certain people do blame her and Joe Biden’s presidency for what been happening to the. U.S – Mexican border forgetting how the problem got there.

Vice President Kamala Harris's laugh has now become a signature behavior

It seems that Vice President Kamala Harris has a controversial way of handling the media or is just showing the world what is really like being a woman and a woman of color in a position of power as her vice presidency is being shaped by two major cultural issues of society, migration and voting rights.

She uses humor and to answer questions and when she is direct and clear answers, she is seen as cruel. However, our president Joe Biden has made great on his promise to our new vice president and her journey towards reshaping our world.

He has made sure that she has the same amount of information he has and has her in every meeting he needs her to be in as he wanted her to be the last one in the room with him as he makes his final decisions for America. 

Being a woman in the world is hard even when a man thinks it's the easiest role to have because he fails to understand that his share of their job gets easier because of her even though, the world expects her's job to be not as important.

But as a colored woman, it is simply dangerous because they are either ignored or discriminated against. Vice President Kamala Harris's Vice Presidency perfectly shows how a colored woman experiences challenges as both a citizen and a woman in power.

I am a writer, journal keeper and a believer in many things.

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