17 Most Effective Self-Care Ideas After A Break-up

Break-ups are never easy, but with a little self-care and the thing that heals all wounds "Time" you can be on the road to recovery soon.

If you are going through a breakup don't get down in the "dumps," no pun intended. We've all been there. Understand the pain won't last forever. With a little Self-care and the repetition to make it a daily habit, you too can be on the road to recovery and back out on the market in no time. If that's what you want. 

Here are a few self-care tips to get through your breakup anxiety: 

1. Meditate To Heal Anxiety After Breakup

Meditation has a great effect on the body. It calms anxiety as it allows you to focus on the breath, bringing you back into the present moment and out of your mind. Meditate the thoughts of your breakup with your ex out of your head. Give yourself a moment of relief. 


2. Yoga Helps Reduce Negative Emotions

Yoga, like meditation, helps with anxiety by bringing you back down to the physical. Yoga is meditation with movement. There are many different forms of "Movement Meditations" you can try. You can do the more traditional "yoga," or you can try Tai Chi, Qigong, or Lifting the Sky which are all forms of movement meditation with an emphasis on Martial Arts. Just don't use your newly found Martial Arts skills on your ex, please. These activities will help you get rid of negative emotions.

3. Physical Activity To Calm Your Nerves

Get moving, exercise is a great way to burn tension and anxiety. If you are suffering from insomnia, which is common after a breakup, exercise can also be a great way to help you get better rest during the night. You can do an intense workout with cardio and weight training or you can opt for a simple jog or power walk. Doing this daily will not only help you release the happy hormones in your brain but also subside all your sadness caused by the breakup. 

Work Out

4. Getting Out in Nature to Beat Breakup Anxiety

Nature is especially important so take some time to go out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. You can sit out in your backyard, porch, or patio, or go to a park, sit under a tree and read your favorite book. Whatever you choose, be sure to get some time in nature daily. You don't want to stay in bed with the covers over your head crying about your breakup. Get moving, distract yourself, and don't forget to interact with strangers. These steps will help you move on in life and who knows, you might just find your true love.

5. Self-Care Spa Day To Look And Feel Good

Go to your favorite spa or nail salon for a day of pampering. It might be tough to leave the house initially but you will never regret the outcome. It will get your mind off your ex and back to looking and feeling good. Which you so deserve. Try not to petty post new Instagram photos for your ex to see, if you can help it.

Spa Day

6. Music Builds Hope And Reduce Anxiety

Classical and Zen are good choices to get you calm and relaxed but you can listen to anything that interests you. Try and stay away from the sad breakup songs. You want to feel relaxed, not depressed. 

Music for Anxiety

7. Get Creative To Heal Anxiety And Forget Your Ex

After a breakup - is the best time to get creative. You have a lot of emotion you can use to put desire, passion, and pain into your creative project. Take this time to paint, write a memoir, or the next best American Novel, or even learn to sew. The sky is the limit so get your creatives juices flowing. This will help you distract yourself from negative emotions and thoughts while you learn a new skill.

Art for Anxiety

8. Laughter Is Healing

Never underestimate the power of laughter, it is extremely healing. Talk to a friend or family member who always makes you laugh. Watch your favorite comedy movie or favorite standup comedian. Smile daily, laugh plenty, life is meant to be fun and enjoyable. Try to bring as much joy and happiness back into your life as possible. 


9. Pets Can Help Aid Anxiety And Make You Happy

Our fury loves are here for a reason. Studies show just stroking your pet a few times can soften your heart and set you in a good mood. So, cozy up with your furry bestie. They can be a great ex replacement. 


10. Gratitude Makes You Feel Complete

Nothing better comes without first being grateful for what is already present. Especially in times where it can be challenging to see the good. Take some time daily, either early in the morning or late at night, to jot down all the things or people that you are thankful for. The goal is to not just say or write the words but to feel them. It's the feeling of being grateful that produces more to be grateful for.


11. Reading For Breakup Escape

Reading calms the mind which can calm negative or racing thoughts that may be adding to your anxiety. Getting lost in a story can be a great way to get a little vacation from the reality of your breakup. There is nothing wrong with a little escape from time to time if it is a healthy escape that is - like reading or writing.


12. Indulge In Guilty Pleasures To Clear Your Mind Of Anxiety 

Go ahead and treat yourself. Breakups are hard. And transitioning from someone's boo to solo life is not an easy transition. So, curl up on the sofa with a warm blanket and your favorite film. If you want that extra piece of chocolate or the whole bar, or a cup of hot chocolate as well - no judgments here. 

Guilty Pleasure

13. Self-Talk Is The Most Important Conversation Of The Day

I adore positive affirmations and studies swear by them. Plus after a breakup, we tend to speak negative things to ourselves. Give yourself a break. Try positive affirmations to boost your post-breakup self-confidence and self-esteem again. 


14. Stay Positive And Be Hopeful

Right next to affirmations come motivational speeches or podcasts. You are going to need some motivation to get through this. So make a list of your favorite motivational speakers or podcasts and get motivated to keep it moving. Be hopeful, life has great things to offer.


15. The Power Of The Present Moment

It is common to replay a breakup over in your mind. This is overthinking and overthinking is the main cause of anxiety. To overcome this you must give every effort to remain in the present. You can't change the past and the future hasn't happened yet, so the present is all you have. 

16. Journal And Write Your Anxiety Away

As stated before, we say a lot of horrible mess to ourselves after a breakup. If you find yourself overwhelmed with negative thoughts and you cant bring your mind to believe those "You are a Champion" affirmations just yet. Do a brain dump. Write it all down then let it go. 

17. Charity Brings Clarity And Strength

Giving to others always helps with increasing your mood and it can work well with breakup anxiety. Giving back doesn't have to mean money. You can give someone your time, a compliment, a listening ear, a helping hand, or a kind note. Whatever you choose, make it a habit to give back as much as possible. You'll be surprised by the wonders it can do.

These are just a few examples to get you started. Remember, the best remedy for a breakup is time. While time is doing its job assist it with these after-breakup anxiety self-care tips.

Ola Marie is a Communications and Creative Writing Major. She writes Magazine Articles and Advertising Copy with an interest in wellness.

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