DIY Planter Ideas For Your Growing Succulent Collection

Whether you're new to the succulent craze, or you're an avid succulent gardener, you know that a succulent can be planted just about anywhere, and in anything! Here are some creative succulent planter ideas you can use with things around your home.

Succulents seem to be the new must-have plant in everyone's homes nowadays. Coming in so many varieties of different shapes, sizes, and colors, these small plants offer hope to anyone who did not inherit a talented "green thumb." While being aesthetically pleasing (and honestly adorable in nature), succulents ask for very little in terms of care and can make do with less water and sunlight than the traditional needy houseplant. In turn, this longer lifespan allows for a succulent parent to get a bit more creative with the planters their succulents call home. 

You might have seen the basic glass or ceramic succulent planters around your local home gardening center or even at the grocery store checkout counter. These planters are limited in design, and quite honestly look pretty much the same almost anywhere you go. However, one of the many joys in caring for a succulent collection is the creativity you can exercise with their planters!

Almost anything can be a succulent planter, including, but not limited to, the following unique ideas:

1. Mason Jars

planting succulents in mason jars
succulents in jars. image source: pixels

2. Fish Bowls

planting in succulents in fish bowl
succulents in a fishbowl. image source: Pinterest

3. Baskets

planting succulents in baskets
succulent in a basket. image source: comofazeremcasa

4. Geometric Spheres

planting succulents in geometric sphere
succulents in a geometric sphere. image source: Pinterest

5. Mugs

planting succulents in mugs
succulents in mugs. image source: pinterest

6. Hollowed-Out Rocks

planting succulents in rocks
succulents in rocks. image source: sunset02

7. Wine Bottles

planting succulents in wine bottle
succulents in a wine bottle. image source: ideas2live4

8. Tea Tins

planting succulents in tea tins
succulents in tea tins

Although many of the items listed above may seem ordinary, it is the succulents themselves that actually enhance their aesthetic. Using a mason jar? Choose a variety of vibrant green succulents to really shine through the glass. Using a mug?

Choose a succulent with colors complementary to the color of the mug to make a nice contrast. You can even use an old, sawed-in-half wine bottle to house your succulent plant. For this, you could choose to house a succulent with longer vines to spill out of the jar and onto the sides of the tinted glass. Macrame, ropes, and twine also make nice compliments to a succulent planter, and you might also be able to find these items around your home or backyard.

In truth, the planter-succulent combination you choose is really a reflection of your own creativity, individuality, and resourcefulness. Before you throw out or recycle something you didn't think you could use again, take a second glance and see if you could incorporate it into your succulent garden. Once you have chosen your own unique planter for your succulent, you can then place it on a kitchen counter, the corner of a desk, a windowsill, a shelf, a patio balcony, or even hang it from the ceiling to accent your home. Not only will you be proud of your succulent parenting skills, but your succulent will also have a new planter home to thrive and grow in.

Remember, you can plant a succulent in just about anything; from jars to spheres to wine bottles and even hollowed-out rocks. Let your imagination run wild, and use the items in your home to recycle and reuse as your new succulent planters. A happy and healthy succulent is a delight to care for, and the planter it's rooted in is just one of the many decisions you get to make in your succulent collection journey.

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