10 Underrated Chinese Dramas You May Have Missed

Don't know which shows to watch, try these underrated Chinese dramas with english subs.

Chinese dramas have been quite popular in recent years due to the globalization of different cultures around the world. Many dramas have been available on popular streaming platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, Viki, and many other sites.

Some really popular and most watched Chinese dramas are Eternal Love, A Love So Beautiful, Put Your Head On My Shoulder, Palace of Yanxi, Love 020, and many more. The reason why many Chinese dramas, aka C-dramas, have become highly popular is because of the addition of English subtitles for international viewers. 

These underrated and unpopular dramas are some of my favorites and I had a fun time while watching them. These dramas are not as well-known internationally, but I assure you that some of them are really popular in China.

Here is a list of underrated Chinese dramas that are not as well-known but are worth watching. 

1. Hello, Debate Opponent 你好,对方辩友

Hello, Debate Opponent season 2 poster

There are 2 seasons of this drama and both are about the life of debate-team members of a university. In the first season, the college debate team is on the brink of being closed down because no new members were joining the team as the old members were graduating, and also after their star member left the team, they could not win competitions for the school.

On the brink of being closed down, new freshmen join the team and work together to keep the club together towards the debate championship. The second season takes place in the same university but a couple of years after the first season.

This time, the debate team is working to show their worth and prove themselves better compared to the star team. The reason I really enjoyed this drama is that it opened my eyes to the world of debate. I really like the relatable debate topics discussed during the debate competitions and most of the characters are really humorous.

Watch Season 1 of Hello, Debate Opponent with English subtitles

Watch Season 2 of Hello, Debate Opponent with English subtitles


2. Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤

chinese drama show love is sweet
Love is Sweet, Yuan Shuai, and Jiang Jun

Love is sweet is one of my favorite modern romance and workplace dramas. Jiang Jun is the female lead who is allergic to her own tears and the male lead, Yuan Shuai is her childhood frenemy and current manager at the investment company, MH, where she works at.

Together at the company, Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai solve the case of her father’s death, work together on investment cases, and develop romantic feelings for each other while working together.

This is one of my favorite modern workplace dramas because of the chemistry and understanding between the lead actors and also because it depicts how to carry a mature relationship in a workplace setting. 

Watch Love is Sweet with English subtitles

You can also find it on - Amazon PrimeIqiyi, and Viki


3. Killer and Healer 恨君不是江楼月 

chinese drama
Killer and Healer, Chen Yu Zhi and Jiang Yue Lou 

A fan of bromance dramas and want a little more after watching Word of Honor and The Untamed? Then you will enjoy the show Killer and Healer. Set in the Republican period of China, a doctor, Chen Yu Zhi, and a policeman, Jiang Yue Lou, work together to solve the opium cases in the city.

Enemies turned friends, Yu Zhi and Yue Lou help each other overcome their difficulties and become close friends. I liked how the drama showcased the Republican period of China. The costumes, imagery, and the set where the drama was shot are very beautiful.

The plot may be simple, solving the case of opium smuggling in the city, but the close friendship and support between the characters were really heart-warming to watch. 

Watch Killer and Healer with English subtitles


4. The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 

Chinese drama
The Day of Becoming You, superstar Jiang Yi and entertainment reporter Yu Sheng Sheng 

The cliche trope of switching bodies is one that you can never get tired of. The Day of Becoming You incorporates humor, romance, and many other touching moments. The male lead, Jiang Yi, is a superstar with a cold demeanor and the female lead, Yu Sheng Sheng, is an entertainment reporter with a bubbly personality.

While seeing each other, Yu Sheng Sheng and Jiang Yi accidentally switch bodies and live the other person's life. Both of them experience each other's challenges in daily life and understand each other better.

I really enjoyed watching this cliche trope of switching bodies because of the humor involved. It had many heart-warming scenes in relation to friendships, romantic relationships, and family bonds. 

Watch The Day of Becoming You with English subtitles

You can also watch it here - Iqiyi  

5. My Roommate is a Detective 民国奇探

chinese drama
My Roommate is a detective

This is one of my favorite bromance dramas. Set during the Republican Era of China, a gang member turned police officer, Qiao Chu Sheng works with a banker turned detective, Lu Yao, and a journalist, Bai You Ning to solve mysterious crimes in the city.

As someone with a high IQ, Lu Yao uses unique and strange methods to solve crimes along with Qiao Chu Sheng’s expertise in the police force. I’m a big fan of crime and mystery dramas, especially the ones set in historical times.

The bromance was a strong element here, along with a tiny bit of romance. The bantering between the characters was a fun and humorous element to go along with the seriousness of the crime cases. 

Watch My Roommate is a Detective with English subtitles

You can also watch it with English subtitles on - Viki and Iqiyi 


6. Mr. Fighting 加油你是最棒的

chinese drama
Mr. Fighting, don't give up!

Mr. Fighting is a heart-warming drama that draws you into the weaknesses and relatable traits of the characters. We’re not all perfect, but we can work hard and not give up to achieve whatever we want in life is the primary message of this show.

Hao Ze Yu, an idol in his hard times, meets Fu Zi, a determined and positive girl who’s settled on getting him to become popular again. Together with her father and family friend, Niu Mei Li, the makeshift team brings Hao Ze Yu back to the height of his entertainment career again.

This slice of life drama brought me to reflect upon my life while watching it. The relationship between the ‘makeshift’ family was one of the most touching elements throughout the drama.

Even though all of the characters have their own weaknesses and even make bad decisions in life, their persistence and growth mindset lead them to accomplish their goals and dreams taking them to new heights. This drama is very encouraging for someone who is working very hard to get their life back on track.

Watch Mr. Fighting with English subtitles

You can also watch it with English subtitles on  Viki 

7. Hikaru no Go 棋魂

chinese drama
Shi Guang and Yu Liang bonding over a game of Go

Are you a fan of the Japanese manga and anime Hikaru no Go? If so, then you’ll love this Chinese live adaptation. On an excursion to his grandfather’s attic, Shi Guang stumbles upon an ancient Go board possessed by an old Go master from the Song dynasty, Chu Ying.

Shi Guang brings the Go master ‘back to light’ and he accompanies the kid everywhere. Shi Guang eventually develops a passion for the game of Go and meets Yu Liang, the genius young Go player. Together both of them become each other’s opponents and most trusted companions, encouraging each other to become a master of the game of Go.

I know nothing about the game of Go, but I loved this drama nevertheless. All of the characters show their passion and devotion to their competitions and advancement in the game of Go. 

Watch Hikaru no Go with English subtitles

You can watch Hikaru no Go with English subtitles on Iqiyi 

8. The Story of Ming Lan 知否知否应是绿肥红瘦 

Chinese drama
The Story of Ming Lan

A drama set in the Northern Song dynasty follows the story of Sheng Ming Lan, the unfavored daughter of an official. After losing her mother at a young age, she gets brought up by her grandmother, who teaches her how to stand up for herself and adores her in her unloving and large family.

She then meets Gu Ting Ye, the son of a rich marquis, and eventually marries him. Her whole life changed after her marriage and both of them worked together to get through their struggles in life and in politics. This is one of my favorite costume dramas because the story and characters are so nicely written.

Because of her strong personality, Sheng Ming Lan is such an inspiring character for women around the globe. She’s a very witty person and this trait helps her in dealing with her scheming family. Overall, this slice of life drama is fun to watch because of all the humor, tears, and heart-warming moments. 

Watch The Story of Ming Lan with English subtitles

You can also watch the story of Ming Lan on Viki


9. We Are All Alone 怪你过分美丽

Chinese drama
We Are All Alone, or not :) Image Source

A romance drama with a strong female lead is something that is very rare to watch in Chinese dramas. Mo Xiang Wan is an artist manager who has been very successful in her career but has made many rivals due to her success and expertise.

While trying to solve her disputes and difficulties, she meets her ex-boyfriend, the successful lawyer, Mo Bei. This is not your typical romance and fluffy drama, but rather a real depiction of the entertainment industry. Not everything is star-studded, but many things are in the gray zone and very realistic. 

You can also watch this drama on Iqiyi 


10. Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们

Chinese drama
Lovely Us, do these uniforms bring back high school memories? Image Source

A coming of age story about 5 childhood friends who grew up in the same neighborhood. Growing up together they knew each other and became the best of friends. They always support each other and are together whether it be through tears or smiles. This C-drama is fun to watch and involves pure romance, friendship, and family.

This drama portrayed the simpleness of the teenage years of the characters and the boldness while facing their problems in life. This drama was really light to watch and it brought me back to my own memories from high school. There were so many comedic moments between the female and male lead.

They were the two who were constantly arguing with each other, but the arguing turned their friendship to love. Overall, this slice of life and youth drama is perfect for times when reminiscing and missing your high school times.

You can also watch the drama on Iqiyi

In conclusion, these are just my thoughts and opinions on the underrated Chinese dramas that you should watch. These are a mix of slice-of-life dramas, romance, comedy, youth, costume, and mystery genres.

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