10 Reasons You Should Go To An All-girls School

Going to an all-girls school may sound boring, but it really is a life-changing experience.

You may be questioning why going to an all-girls school may be a good idea. I speak from my personal experience, but I loved my high school years in an all-girls school. Not having to interact with the opposite gender and focusing on studying was what I did. There were no unnecessary drama and competition with boys. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider going to an all-girls school. 

1. Girls understand girls better than anyone else

Going to an all-girls school means that you are surrounded only by girls. There are some things that only girls understand, so you will always have someone by your side that understands you completely. You can always find someone with the same interests and a person to gossip with. Sometimes, when talking about different topics in a group, girls can relate better to each other than with the male gender.

I made friends with a lot of my classmates, upperclassmen, and underclassmen. Some of these friends are still my closest friends to this day. There are many inside jokes and feelings that only we understand. My friends have always been there to support me and I am there for them as well.

Having someone to understand and support is something that many people look for today. Going to an all-girls school is an opportunity to create strong friendships and relationships because girls understand each other.

bonding with likeminded girls
image by villamaria

2. Less drama with the opposite gender 

There is no constant competition with boys. There is also no constant competition between girls trying to appear nicer and woo the opposite gender. There is no constant worrying about who has a boyfriend and who doesn’t. There is also no constant competition on makeup, jewelry, and clothing. 

From my 4 years of high school, I learned to view the opposite gender not as boys to woo and flirt with, but rather just as anyone else. This made it more convenient for me to work on projects with the opposite gender and not worrying about gender differences.

boy and girl drama in school
image source: scholastic

3. Easily excel in STEM subjects

STEM subjects such as math and science are generally excelled by boys and the excellence of STEM subjects by girls is often overlooked. By going to an all-girls school, girls are given more chances to explore subjects that they like and excel in without worrying about the competition by boys. 

Many girls in many schools excelled in STEM subjects and chose to further their education in college by choosing math and science majors. I also took a lot of STEM classes in high school and I did not have to worry about the pressure coming from competition from boys.

Girls can become more confident in their passions in studying and also break the cultural and traditional barriers of the constraints of women. 

Don't worry about competition, just enjoy and explore! image source: pixabay

4. More time to spend on studying

By not having to worry about unnecessary things, you can spend more time on academics and extracurricular activities. Spending more time excelling in academics can bring you further in life later on. Going to a good university, getting a degree, and finding a good job in the future all start from high school. 

Spending time exploring your interests and extracurricular activities can help get your mind off academics when you are stressed. Finding something to do to relax is really helpful. During high school, I played basketball, joined Mock Trial, and also did community service around my local community. All of these extracurriculars helped me to relax and explore my interests by also let me experience different things.

girls studying together
image source: learnreligious

5. Less competition builds more confidence 

Not having to constantly compete helped me to build my confidence. I was able to explore different topics and try new things because I knew that I would not be compared to anyone else. I learned to appreciate my successes and failures. I could explore the different sides of myself and this led to me appreciate who I am.  

Building confidence is an important skill to learn and practice. Being in an all-girls school allows you to become more confident because of the comfortable and trusting environment.

The environment can allow you to try out new things and explore your interests and go out of your comfort zone. I had learned to explore my own interests and built my confidence in public speaking because of my leadership opportunities. I was not afraid of being criticized because of the environment I was in and also I believed in myself.

confident girls
image by myschoolcdn

6. More leadership opportunities

In a school of only girls, there are more opportunities for leadership positions and activities. The school focuses on developing the leadership skills of girls and gives them more opportunities to develop the skills for the future. There are no boys to compete with, so girls can freely choose what they want to do. 

The younger classmen can also learn from their older classmen as their role models and leaders. Girls can inspire each other to do better and aim for the best. Leadership opportunities can give girls the confidence to try out new skills such as leading, planning, and being confident in themselves. 

In my own experience, I was given the opportunity to be the Association of the Student Body president, basketball team captain, and community service club president in my senior year of high school. This experience made me become more confident in myself and trust my peers and fellow student leaders. I ran for these leadership roles because I looked up to my older classmen when I was a freshman and really wanted to try out and become a role model too.

women leaders in girls school
women leaders in all girls school

7. More involvement in the community

There are studies that have shown that girls from all-girls schools tend to become more involved in the community around them. Girls will become more involved in politics, volunteering, and international events. This is because coming from an all-girls school will give girls more confidence and more awareness of the world around them. 

Girls will become more involved because they will feel that the world needs more change and they will become the person contributing and initiating change. They know that they are confident and believe in themselves. 

From my own experience, I tend to become more involved with the community around me because I believe that contributing to making a change in the community will help the people in the community. This is because, during my time in school, I was already involved in community service and leadership positions which helped me to make a change in the school environment.

girls involved in community service
image source: squarespace

8. Undivided and unbiased support system 

Being in an environment of just girls, teachers can give their undivided and unbiased attention to everyone in the classroom. There will not be any situations where teachers will be biased towards boys, but everyone will be included. Not only will teachers be supportive of the students, but also girls can support each other. 

In my high school, all the teachers gave their undivided attention to each student and made sure they were understanding the information in class and the support they needed. Whenever I was struggling to understand class material, all my teachers would repeat the information and made sure I understood the material.

teachers supporting girls in all girls school
image by teachermagazine

9. Additional chances to engage in extracurricular activities

Students in an all-girls school strive for the best, not only just in academics but also in athletics, and everything else. They will not just work towards the best, but girls will find their limits and try to exceed do better than their limits. The skills that girls develop in an all-girls school will help them to do better than others in society and believe in themselves. 

I did not just focus on my academics during school, but also spent a lot of my free time doing extracurricular activities and also leadership activities to contribute back to my community. Instead of just focusing on academics, I wanted to exceed my abilities and explore my different interests and develop different skills.

girls engaging in extracurricular activities
image source: leisureopportunities

10. An environment that teaches you to love yourself

When girls feel comfortable in their environment and become confident in themselves, they will learn to love themselves and love others around them. Being in a safe and open environment where they are not judged for being themselves, girls will become more confident and be able to express themselves more freely in the future.

Being in an all-girls school made me learn how to love myself and become more comfortable with the people around me because of the trust we gave each other. This has also allowed me to go out of my comfort zone and explore different interests of mine. 

girls learn to love themselves
image by thoughtco

If reading this article interests you to become a confident and excelling student and enjoy the environment around girls, then you should consider enrolling in an all-girls school. Experiences in an all-girls school are memorable and you will take those skills and experiences further on in your life.

college student with too many interests and hobbies to explore but too little time

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