Different Perceptions Of Fashion

Whether our society agrees or disagrees with this fashion has become integrated into our quotidian lives. Moreover, what exactly is fashion?
Image courtesy of Johanna Ortiz Paris Fashion Week

What is fashion? 

Fashion, "a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior."As per a Google result. Many will agree with this statement; however, I do not. Most question my thought process as I am going against the actual definition of "fashion" however, I do not believe that fashion is as cliché as society makes it out to be.

How is Fashion defined?

A term used millions, if not billions of times a day, has more significance than most acknowledge. "Fashion" is not solely a popular trend; it is creativity, marketing, lifestyles, enterprises, inspiration, and, most importantly, representation. Throughout the past decade, fashion has evolved in the most unprecedented ways, being broadcasted from continent to continent through the tap of a finger, fashion has not only been accessible to billions of spectators. Still, it has also been indulged, enjoyed, and worn by most.

For instance, a 2020 spring/summer Gucci fashion show is attached; this youtube video alone achieved over eight million views, not including the actual spectators, magazine readers, and other sources. This truly represents and embodies how versatile and ductile fashion really is especially as this video can now be played for years regardless that it was made in 2020.

Social media and its ability to influence your buying power

Incidentally, having our values influenced through social media, what we wear, and presenting ourselves becomes social standards. Most people have followed or tried at least one social media trend regarding fashion and trends. For these challenges, videos, and content people watch and track daily; most people don't recognize the people and companies behind these viral videos. With social media growing at a rate like no other, there are billions of videos online through these social media platforms. Somehow, there are always a few videos that almost all social media users have come across, whether they are searching.

What is fast fashion?

Companies and enterprises have marketed their perception of "the next big thing!" "The trend of the decade!" into social media influencers who sell their ideas and inspiration in a way ads and commercials can't. Influencers have fans and followers who are incredibly dedicated and will repeatedly watch the same videos to find out the exact shoe size their favorite person is; moreover, they are better in all aspects to market a product, service, idea, or trend.

Are you a victim of this "fast fashion" marketing scheme?

Large companies fabricate the trends that consumers expose themselves to social media to increase their sales bracket. These trends are called fast fashion, and in all honesty, they live up to their name of fast fashion, especially for fashion companies, as it is an incredibly strategic and quick way to earn a lot of money. Personally, I have bought clothes that I thought would last me years as I loved the design and fit; the next year, I donated that shirt as it didn't fit my ever-changing aesthetic.

How do one's fashion and style define them?

On the contrary, an individual's unique fashion is some of the best representation in our communities. for instance, Anna Wintour, the author of Vogue magazine, made a statement when she outspokenly said, "Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others." This quote epitomizes what true fashion holds, the power, and the ability to express one's thought, character, and representation.

Individuality and visual representation

One's style is truly a visual representation of themselves; for some, it is comparable to their journal as it is their way of venting and distressing. This past year TikTok has branched western viewers into "Chinese street style," which has heavily influenced western apparel and fashion.

Besides, I have also attached below a video that truly helped me find my style and how to express myself through my clothes. This individual explains her personal story regarding her realization and finding of fashion. She grew her fashion through the years, yet when she discovered what aesthetic she fit she knew right away; her style was almost longing for her.

Cultural attire and how we can learn from them

Subsequently, throughout the years, ' different countries have been represented through their ethnic clothing. Some of the best-known clothing articles include Saris, a traditional garment in South Asia, and Kimonos, formal attire in Japan. In past decades symbols in foreign and ethnic clothing have been seen but not heard in Western fashion industries. Dragons, Chinese and Japanese words have emerged in the western and street styles and have made a statement internationally as fashion has turned borderless and inclusive for everyone.

How has fashion evolved and how will it evolve for the future

In the past, society did not represent these aspects like it is now. It indeed shows how much the fashion industry has evolved. Garments of all shapes, sizes, materials, significance, and meaning can be worn internationally and included by the media and fashion.

Self-realization and acknowledgment

To return to the subject of fashion is not cliché; if anything, there is no definition for what it is and can be. For such a simple word, fashion holds the meaning of representation, expression, boundless, characteristic, and profitable. Knowing how our society has changed and evolved, fashion has changed and grown just as much as we have.

The real truth about fashion and individual style

The truth is that we represent ourselves through our image, and we judge people based on theirs; our styles speak louder than one could imagine. The clothes we wear represent our social class, net worth, and social interests. Fashion is not only been a visual representation of our emotions but has become our emotions. Fashion is our new voice in this era, "You either know fashion, or you don't." Vogue author Anna Wintour.

Hi! I love learning about new trends and what is happening all around the world.

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